Why We Celebrate Valentine’s Day and How To Make It Special?

Valentine’s day is all about the love and red hearts drugged in deep in the breeze that surrounds us. It is almost a dedicated day for couples all around the world, celebrating their love with the gifts, flowers, chocolates, etc.

But then again, Valentine’s Day isn’t only about the gifts that you give to your date or spouse or the romanticism that you indulge into, it is also about some fun and party at the most exotic places where the love could be in the air.

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As a build-up to this day, you will find gift stores wearing red masks, with the most relevant and creative Valentine’s day gifts being displayed. After all, this is that one special occasion throughout the entire year when Cupid takes a surge and gifting gets trendy.

There are many Valentine’s day ideas that you can probably adapt this time around to make it the most memorable day in your love life. Here we will discuss some of the most romantic Valentine’s day ideas that will definitely fill in your day with the tiny beads love. But before that, let me tell you why is valentine's day celebrated.

Valentine’s Day Story

Valentine’s Day, also known as Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated across the world on February 14th. There are various stories behind the purpose of valentine's day, the one that is most popular is this one.

The story dates back to 3rd century. It was the time when Romans were converting to Christianity. However, the then emperor, Claudius II was a non-christian and had very strict rules for the Roman Christians, one of which was that they can’t marry. He believed that this way, the Roman soldiers will remain devoted to their duty towards Rome.

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Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest was completely against it. He started to get these soldiers married in secret ceremonies. Later, he was caught and jailed, but by then he earned a reputation for being a saviour of love.

It is said that in jail, he fell in love with the jailer’s blind daughter. He cured her blindness and just before getting executed, he wrote a love message and signed it as ‘from your Valentine’. This happened on February 14th of the year 270. Two hundred years later, the pope of the Roman Catholic Church proclaimed this day as the Saint Valentine’s day. This is widely assumed as the main reason why is valentine celebrated.

How is Valentine's day celebrated across the world?

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Valentine’s day is majorly celebrated as the day of love between romantic couples. However, in many parts of the world, it is celebrated as a day of expressing love between family and friends. People exchange Valentine’s day cards, gifts etc. to express their love. Going out on a date is quite popular among the Indian youths.

How can you celebrate Valentine’s day in a unique way?

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Since it comes every year, it becomes quite a challenging task how to celebrate valentine's day in a unique way every year. However, we have compiled lots of new romantic ideas for couples, girlfriends, boyfriends, special recipes and gift ideas.

Most romantic Valentine’s day ideas for 2023

Valentine’s day ideas for her

Try making new hand-crafted flower bunch DIY

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This will take you quite a long preparation time, but trust me, every single second is worth it. Alternatively, you can also make some heart-shaped garland using artificial flowers and lacy cloth. You just need to tuck those pieces of flowers together with the help of a stiff and thin wire and then decorate it with a colourful lacy cloth. This is one one of the most unique and special Valentine’s day gift ideas for her.

Make things special for her

Treat her like your princess. Spend the entire time with her, probably the best thing you can do for her. With the schedule being busy most of the time, she may not be getting ample time to spend with you. And it has always been the truth of life is the best thing that you can gift your near ones.

Take her out

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She may be waiting for this. It has been months that you both haven’t spent some quality time with each other, held hands in public, etc. This is probably the best day to get some “We” time and make up for the days which weren’t very significant in your relationship. Visit any restaurant that has a good ambience or goes to a park where you can spend some time together without much disturbance.

Arrange a romantic candlelight dinner

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How to make valentine's day special at home? Being at home and having a romantic dinner date will always give your partner that extra bit of time where she can express her heart out to you about how she missed spending some time with you and how much loneliness she had to go through while you were busy with your work. The best idea about a candlelight dinner date is to arrange for the entire setting right inside your house so that you don’t have unwanted attention prying at you all the time.

Pamper her

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Pampering your partner is one of the most romantic Valentine’s day ideas for her. She will absolutely love all the attention that she gets. Be with her the entire day, listen to every bit of complaining she may have, every bit of nothing she wants you to laugh at. After all, it’s your girl and you should treat her like a princess.

Valentine’s day ideas for him

Make delicious food for him

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Someone has been bang honest while saying that the easiest way to get most of the guys to be happy is giving him good food. Surprise him with a really special dish, something you might have seldom cooked before. First, he will savour the food like never before and second, if it’s made by you, he will have the biggest grin on his face.

Arrange a party for him

Men love parties, don’t they? So it’s time that you give him what he might have waited for days and months. The work pressure and stuffed-in schedule must be getting a better part of him. So when you get that small opening in that busy schedule, make the most of it and surprise him with the most lively party that you can arrange. Don’t worry if you cannot make it very happening, try your best. He will love anything coming from you.


Go for a weekend getaway

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A weekend getaway, or at least, a day’s trip anywhere outside the vicinity of the busy city. Trust me on this, it will do a world of good towards building a healthy relationship. Visit any popular resort on the outskirts or a picnic spot within the vicinity.

Grab some unique pillows

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With the number of customised gift ideas surging these days, you can utilize this as a romantic Valentine’s day decoration as well and surprise your partner. Emboss love quotes, messages or hearts in a good piece of satin or velvet cloth (this is a lot in trend these days) and then give it to the tailor to stitch pillow covers out of it, keeping the message at the front side. Your partner wouldn’t be expecting this special arrangement.


The best Valentine’s day recipes

Valentine’s day special heart bread with dips

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What could be better than a plate of perfect looking vanilla shortbread with jam filling or dips? It does not have a very difficult preparation method. You will just be needing floor, vanilla extracts, salt and unsalted butter. As for the dip or filling, you can use any kind of jam (preferably red).


The perfect heart-shaped cookies

Cookies can never be outdated. You can use it this valentine's day special preparation for your loved one. Trust me, the sweetness of the cookies will sweeten the things further. But yes, you will need the entire cookie preparation recipe, preferably chocolate, along with tiny sugar-coated beads to make it look better. Serve it as a build up to your romantic Valentine dinner date and watch the smile on his/her face.

Nothing better than chocolates


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Chocolates are her all-time favourite. So it’s time for you to get the love that you both share to take a high by preparing the most assorted and delicious heart-shaped strawberry roasts with chocolate coating. You will need to slice strawberries by 95% in the middle and spread them open. You will see that it has taken a heart shape. Now roast them till brown and then coat them with chocolate. Bang, your roasted heart-shaped strawberry chocolates are ready.

Nothing’s better than Valentine’s day gifts, loads of them

A Valentine’s day is almost incomplete without gifts, making it the indispensable constant in the history of Valentine’s day. Valentine’s gifts are very common in almost every store that you visit during the season, offline and online. So here are some romantic Valentine’s day gifts that will bring the broadest smile on their lips. You can also choose some unique heart shaped that aren’t much common yet.

Valentine’s day gifts for girlfriend

Customised soft toys

Girls love soft toys, be it teddies, pillows or plush soft covers (if she is a house maker). Plus, if you think that soft toys are outdated by now, you might consider giving it a better makeover by customising it your way. You can get a wide range of soft toys that you can customise it with lovely quotations or promises that will fulfil throughout. For unique stuff, check out our valentines day gifts for girlfriend collection.

Home decors

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By home, I mean the attractive coffee mug that she uses every time or the glittering piece of candle that stands on the shelf 24x7. The good news is that you can even customise them with pictures or quotations that will remind them of you and the relationship each time she looks it.


Try a photo-frame

It might sound outdated, but nothing is out of fashion if you are doing it with all your heart. Spice it up further. Go ahead and compose a poem, a short one. Don’t worry if you are not good with words, girls will appreciate the intent and not the quality. Make a photo frame with a snap from the past, just to bring back the memories. And insert your creation just beside the picture or under it.

Valentine’s day gift for boyfriend

Gift him a utility stuff

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For a guy, physical gifts are very precious. It helps them recall the romantic moments each time they see it. Perhaps, gifting a mobile cover with the message of how much you love him or everything that he means to you. These would be the memories that he will cherish years down the line. For unique Vday gifts for guys, check out our collection for Valentine's day gifts for boyfriend.

The chocolate treat

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You must be wondering why I have mentioned CHOCOLATES for a guy and missed it out while speaking about girls! The reason is, this is no hidden fact that girls love chocolates more than anything else. Men love chocolates too but don’t express in front of their girl’s. So it's time to give him the chocolate treatment. But mind you, stay away from the mainstream chocolate bars and try going the unconventional way of filling a guitar-shaped with cup chocolates or caramel-filled choco-ball.

A gaming console

It won’t take very long for you take out the boy in him. Statistically, most of the men would love to give in to PC gaming on indoor gaming consoles. A quality gaming console attached to the television or PC would be one of the best Valentine’s day gifts for boyfriend.

Valentine’s day party ideas

Despite being a day where you savour every moment with your partner/spouse, there are still many ways how you can get this Valentine’s day to fun and lively. If you have been looking into your partner’s eyes every Valentine’s day and want things to change this time around, here are some great Valentine’s day party ideas to add some spice to your life.

Valentine’s day candlelight dinner ideas

Juice up your love life this valentine’s day by arranging Valentine’s candlelight dinner. But to make the things different, try a different set of decorations. To start off the things, choose red heart-shaped balloons over any other design and fill the dining room or the bedroom with them. Get satin-soft red tablecloth and use red chair covers to make things look more attractive. Team up the night with a red mocktail or cocktail drinks or strawberry juice served on the table that is decorated with red roses, be it real or artificial.

Set the love quotes and promises afloat

This would be the best thing that you could do to see her/him smile and surprised the moment he/she wakes up in the morning of Valentine’s day. Get some small postcards and write the best love quotes and two-liner poems. Blow up heart-shaped balloons with helium gas so that they can stay afloat touching the roof. Tie long ribbons that come almost to the level of the bed and stick the postcards on them. The moment he/she wakes up early in the morning, the sight of the love quotes floating right in front of their eyes will give him/her loads of reasons to love you more.

It’s all about expressing the love

Though we say that every day is Valentine’s day if we love our partner, the existence of Valentine's day is so much popular just for the way it is celebrated in the eyes of love. The exulted feeling of keeping the relationship alive for a long period of time is what the day is all about. In the true sense, there is nothing extraordinary in the day until you make it that way.

Celebrating Valentine’s day is just like celebrating your marriage anniversary. Though you love your spouse throughout the year, the anniversary is just the day you let him/her feel that the love is same and how you want to deepen the relationship by strengthening the vows.

It just takes some Valentine's day romantic gifts or some creative Valentine’s gift ideas and you can take your relationship to a new level.