Chilling Cubes - Set of 6 -

Chilling Cubes - Set of 6

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Chill It To The Core!

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Chill your drinks without missing out on the taste with these cubes doing their work bang on. Chill your liquors like wine & whisky and keep them cooler for a longer duration. A set of 6 steel cubes are your drink companions who'll stay with you even after you finish your drink. Wine, whisky or be it beer, these substitute for ice contains a special gel that helps it keep the drink temperature lower. Packed in black velvet box, its a royal gift to give your friends and hang out on some special days.

  • Chilling cubes for wine and whiskey
  • Set of 6 cubes come in a black velvet case box
  • Just put them in your freezer for 2 - 3 hours before you throw them in your drink.
  • Reusable, easy to wash
  • Contains gel to cool down the temperature
  • Material: Steel
  • Do not dilute your drink

Package Include:
1 x Chilling cubes( Set of 6) 

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very nice ...impressed

very nice ...impressed....


Hi, can you pls tell me how cold does it make the drink - very cold or moderately cold? Also, how many cubes would be required in a drink of 30ml to chill it? How to restore them once the drink is over?

Hi Resham, Thanks for writing to us. The chilling cubes make the drink moderately cold like 6-8 degrees Celsius depending on the number of cubes you put in the drink. A 30 ml drink would requires two to three cubes. You can simply wash them with mild soap after use to clean them and then put them back in freezer for a couple of hours to reuse them. Feel free to connect in case of further queries. ᐧ Regards, Sakib Muneer 9958922918
5 star

Chilling Cubes - Set of 6

Sounds good

I wanted to ask for how long does these cubes maintains its temperature.

Hey Ashita, The chill effect time depends on the room temperature. They usually work similar to how regular ice cubes would work, but, without diluting your drink. On average, the cubes maintain the temperature for 15-20 minutes.
Good stuff!

I need this. Cool things



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