Mr. Manatea infuser -

Manatea infuser

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Manatee in your tea!

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Super cute tea infuser. The little manatee easily stays put on the rim of your mug. Use high-quality loose tea and practically none of the tea leaf particles escapes out and into the tea. Made out of silicone and they do not have any strong odour or add any taste to your tea.

Mr Manatee is roomy enough for the perfect amount of loose leaf tea and hangs out in your cup while your tea is getting ready. Just pop off its tail and fill it with loose leaf tea and send it for a soak in hot water. It is easy to remove from the hot tea without burning your fingers too! Easy to empty and clean.

These tea strainers are a great conversation starter at home or at work. They are a great gift for any tea lover.

Includes: 1 Tea Infuser
Material: silicon rubber (food-safe)



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