Rose Glass

Rose Glass

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A Rose For Your Drinks!

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Simple glasses for your favorite drinks? No, not happening!
Your special drinks deserve special glasses. And that's what rose glass gives you. This glass is internally shaped to hold your drinks in the form of a rose. So, the next time you pour your drinks into one of these, you'll find a green stem of the rose in the glass. And as you pour your drinks, the rose becomes active and you see a flower in color of your favorite drinks! Wine or some mocktails and cocktails, it makes every drink look beautiful and delicious! 

  • Fill in the glass to the rose come to life
  • Material: Glass
  • Capacity: 200ML
  • For mocktails, cocktails, wines and other drinks
  • Rose carved into the glass
  • Special gift for your loved one

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1 x Rose Glass



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