Gift Hamper - Corporate Gifting

Gift Hamper - Corporate Gifting partnered up with a company, to provide customized Gift Hamper as a Corporate Gift.

Your gifting experience and bringing a smile on your employees’ faces becomes unique, creative, and hassle free with the exclusive Bigsmall Gift Set. This customized gift set includes a Customized Portable Japanese Teapot Kit, a customized bottle, a customized coffee mug, a customized pen, chocolates and a beautiful personalized card.

The Portable Japanese Teapot Kit is customized with the company logo to reflect the company. You can level up your tea party now with this special teapot set. It contains instant cup, one teapot, one tray, a towel, a tea container and two portable cups to warm up your travel experience. Have a look at the Teapot and Cup Sets we have to choose your favourite.

The stainless steel water bottle also has the company logo on it to reflect the company. Do not forget to browse through the unique bottles at Bigsmall as well. You never know where you'd find the one you've been looking for.

The customized homemade chocolates and the personalized card give a very warm touch to the gifting experience in itself. entertains corporate enquiries for our curation of unique gifts, with customizable logo and text branding on products available. For corporate queries, contact us on +919899309888 or drop an email on

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