Teapot & Cup Sets

Drinking chai or coffee (whichever is your poison) to keep your spirits alive is a ritual now, isn’t it? But drinking it in that favourite mug or that favourite teapot set is another level of satisfaction. So select your absolute favourite from the mind blowing collection of Teapots and Cup Sets to make your day! You will have a hard time choosing just one.

Exquisite teapots & cup sets for a perfect tabletop

Are you a chai person or do you like coffee? Well, which ever one it is, you must love your adorable tea set with a kettle at home. And we bet you must be looking for tea cups online all the time. While that quest for a unique tea cup set goes strong, there are so many options to choose teapots online from. So, to make your quest a success we offer you the most unique teapots and cup sets like the Abstract Art Teapot and Cups, the Dusted Midnight Blue Tea Set or the Unicorn Teapot Set. Choose from the best of the best!

Buy teapots & cup sets online from Big Small

Do you have handmade cups at home? Or do you like polished pottery tea sets? Well, they're all just different sorts of crockery for our favourite beverages. And there are so many elegant tea sets out there, of course, we have the hardest time choosing just one. But the exquisite ceramic teapot and cup set in your kitchen does want another ceramic tea set. Because one is never enough, you know. So check out the gorgeous Shibori Printed Ceramic Mug, or the soothing Pastel Ceramic Mug from our 3D Mugs collection to add to your own personal collection. 

Beautiful tea sets for classic tea parties

The colorful tea cup set sitting in your kitchen loves a good tea party. Whether you serve your chai in a personalized tea set or Cutting Chai Glasses, it's going to be absolutely delightful. And that friend who's birthday is about to arrive would definitely admire a tea cup gift set, the best cup and saucer set you'd choose for them.

Get Your Personalized Tea Pot & Cup Sets Online

For all your love for personalized tea pots, there are so many options to get customized cup sets, or personalized tea mugs. All these personalized tea sets that you get made specially for yourself or a loved one reflect you in them. And isn't that the best part of it all? It makes for a very personal and heart-warming gift.


Q1. What are the 4 main parts of a teapot?

The teapot essentially has four different parts. These are body, handle, spout and lid. Some teapots also come with a strainer attached to them. 

Q2. How long does a teapot stay hot for?

The duration of tea staying warm in a teapot depends on the material of the teapot. Cast Iron teapots retain heat exceptionally well. A double- walled teapot can retain the heat for up to 9 hours if you don't open it too frequently.

Q3. How do you use a teapot without spilling it?

The teapot spout plays a great role in keeping the teapot from dripping or spilling. It points up and then straight down at the pouring end and prevents dripping because the tea flows back into the pot when the pot is turned upright again.


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