10 Gifts For A New Mom She'll Actually Appreciate

10 Gifts For A New Mom She'll Actually Appreciate


When visiting a new mom everybody picks up gifts for the baby, like a cute onesie or a super adorable baby blanket, but what about the new mom? Shouldn't you celebrate her also? After all, she is just as new to motherhood as the baby is to the world. It's not necessary that you give some physical gifts to a new mom, you can always give her experience as a gift. Check out our list of 10 awesome gifts for a new mom that she will love and appreciate.



1. Time for herself

All the mother's know how hard it is to care for a baby, they require constant care and undivided attention. If you are close to someone who just became a mom, give them some free time to themselves by taking care of the baby for them. The mom can pamper herself or take care of her errands while you take over her responsibility. You can also give her the Spa Gel Socks to make her feel all fresh and glam while she goes to her corner and does her thing!


2. Ready-to-eat Snacks Basket

Every new mom has little to no time to prepare meals. Get her a basket full of fresh fruits and energy bars to keep up her stamina and her snacks cravings at bay. She can cradle the baby in one hand and eat an apple from another like a pro.


3. A Pair Of Cool Yoga Pants

You heard us, we said cool and yoga pants in one sentence and we mean it. Who has all that time to dress up fancy when you have a crying baby in the house? Get her a couple of stylish & stretchable yoga pants and she won't be able to thank you enough. She can go about her day comfortably and also look rad AF.


4. Fresh Meal

If you know the couple well enough, head over to their house and offer to prepare a fresh meal for them. They don't show it but they're literally exhausted from all the cleaning and feeding the baby and don't really have time to make a proper meal for themselves. If you can't head over, you can always order food for them online, just remember to tell them ahead of time and order something a new mother can eat comfortably.


5. Dry Shampoo

Who even thinks about washing their hair when there's a baby to tend to? Gift the new mom a trusty dry shampoo to save her from the hassle of washing her hair every other day. When there are days that she can't shower (and there will be), the dry shampoo will be a lifesaver.


6. Soft Pair Of Slippers

Carrying all that extra weight for 9 months, her feet must be killing her. Get the exhausted and tired new mom a pair of Plush Slippers to make her feet feel all soft and cosy. While she is shuffling around the house,  a soft pair of slippers will be a welcome luxury.


7. A Video Camera

We know, everybody has a smartphone nowadays. But, you'll agree with us that the feel of a video camera is totally different than a cell phone. The new couple can record all the significant and insignificant minutes of the baby to look back on or embarrass the kid later. We also know that the video camera is a bit on the expensive side, you can always ask a few friends to chip in and give the new mom a pleasant surprise together.


8. Hot & Cold Flask

With so much to do it's difficult to heat up water every time to drink up. Save her some time and get her a hot & cold flask, like the Unspillable Thermal Suction Bottle. Not only will it keep the beverage at the desired temperature, but it will also look adorable in the nursery.


9. Gift Card

If all else fails, give her a gift card and she can always buy whatever she feels like and whenever she has the time to. It can be her own guilty pleasure, shopping online and releasing some stress.


10. A Gift Of Her Choice

You can directly ask her what she needs, it can be something physical or something as simple as running to the grocery store. We assure you she will be happy to have as many hands-on the deck as possible.


Well, what are you waiting for? Get going and gift her one of these amazing gifts for new moms and find her the perfect gift she deserves.


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