10 Unique Jewellery Gift Ideas for Mom this Mother's Day

10 Unique Jewellery Gift Ideas for Mom this Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2023 is almost here and you probably have no idea what will be your Mother's Day gift for mom this year, what with all that's going on. But troubled time means twice the reason to celebrate, to lighten the mood around the house. It is the day when we officially celebrate the most essential member of our house. If you're planning to give a gift to your mom this Mother's Day, give her something that is special as her from our wide range of Premium mother's day gifts. For the mom's who love to dress up and flaunt her accessories, we have compiled a list of 10 unique jewellery items which are ideal gifts for all mothers out there, from the one celebrating motherhood since years now to the new moms out there. As they say - you can never go wrong with jewellery.


1. Daphne Amethyst Cocktail Ring 

For the mom who is as delicate as a flower, the ring is inspired by the purple blooms of spring. Daphne, a wildflower that opens up with the help of the wind and is said to bring good luck and protection. The ring is made of amethyst stones that help in spiritual protection and cleansing as they purify negative energy and attachments.



2. String Of Pearls Hairband

If your mother is all about that fashion lifestyle and always walk with the latest trends. Get her this pearl hairband that screams high fashion. She'll be out flaunting her new accessory in no time.



3. Heart Gold & Pearl Earrings

She taught you what is selfless love and now it's your turn to return all the care and love she has showered you with. Gift her the Heart Gold & Pearl Earring and tell her how much you value her and how much you love her. Be it a casual day out with her friends or a formal dinner, this is the perfect accessory to wear on any occasion. The gold, little black heart, and the pearls give it such a charm that it will become a staple piece in her wardrobe.



4. Sunsign Bracelet

Is your mom into reading horoscopes? Maybe just for fun or maybe she takes the business a bit too seriously. Whatever may be the case, chances are she loves what the stars say about her sun sign. Make her extra happy this Mother's day by giving her a bracelet of her sun sign. The 3 main qualities of each sun sign are mentioned on the card accompanying the bracelet.



5. Pearl Hair Clips - Set of 2

If you're not sure what your mom likes, pearls are always the safest way to go. Everybody likes pearls for they make any outfit sophisticated and elegant. She can wear the pins to a formal event or with a casual summer dress.



6. Mirissa Blue Topaz Gemstone Ring

If your mother is like a sea, calm and composed when times are hard but a raging sea when she is protecting her family from harm, this is the perfect gift for her. Inspired by the calming blue waters of Mirissa, this ring is adorned with natural blue topaz stones set in sterling silver. Blue Topaz is a symbol of love and good fortune and it is said to be an aid to one's sweet disposition.



7. Starry Sea Teardrop Gemstone Earrings

Remember the time when you used to go to the beach to watch sunsets with your mom and she told you interesting stories, sometimes funny and sometimes full of morals? If yes, then she'll love the Starry Sea Teardrop Gemstone Earrings. The concept behind designing this piece was to bring forward the magnificent spectrum of colours seen in twilight and sunset at sea. Starry Sea Teardrop Earring is a colourful ensemble of fine cut blue topaz, citrine and amethyst gemstones.



8. Leaf Jewellery Set

All mom's love their plants like their own kids. Indulge her love for plants and jewellery with the Leaf Jewelry Set. She will appreciate the delicate design and it will be her favourite set in no time.



9. Jewellery Storage Box

If her jewellery collection is exceeding the storage space, give her some relief with this beautiful storage box. The box is extremely spacious - containing 8 compartments of various sizes, it is the all-in-one solution to all her jewellery storage needs. The box also includes a jewellery pillow - as well as an integrated mirror. The provided silica gel also keeps the box moisture-proof, and it is airtight to keep foreign stresses from intruding.



10. 3D Peacock Jewellery Tray

If your mom has a habit of removing her jewellery before she goes to sleep, get her this beautiful tray. It will look amazing on her nightstand and will keep all her essentials safe too.



Make your mom extra happy this Mother's Day with beautiful and unique jewellery pieces. If you want a special message to accompany your gift, we do handwritten notes also. We make sure that we write with as much love and care as possible. If you are living in another city and haven't been home for a while, there will be no better occasion to give your mom a little surprise gift and sweet note. If you are running on a budget then too we have you covered because we have dedicated collections of Mother's Day gifts under 500 and Mother's Day gifts under 1000 as well. So with us, you will find the gift you want and love for sure!

Happy Shopping!


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