10 Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under Rs 500

10 Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under Rs 500

Mothers, aah! the word brings a smile to our faces, doesn't it?! Though she is celebrated the entire year, Mother's Day is an even more special occasion. Siblings scattered all over the world re-unite on this day to spread the magic & make their mom feel super special! However, sometimes one is on a tight budget & doesn't really wish to stick to the traditional flowers & chocolates. Budget isn't a concern whilst shopping for creative gifts for mom, as we at Bigsmall.in present a range of Mother's Day gifts under Rs 500 to choose from for this 9th May 2021, because love doesn't really come with a price tag attached to it! We add that extra charm to your gifting experience by sending out beautifully curated handwritten notes for the giftee.  

1. Mother's Day Pop Up Card

You always knew that her journey from being a maiden to having you in her arms wasn't exactly a bed of roses! Show her your empathy & respect that you hold for her & her marvelous journey by gifting her this intricately designed laser cut Mother's Day Pop Up Card. It beautifully encapsulates various phases of her motherhood. Be prepared for a bout of happy hugs later!

2. Spa Gel Socks

Your mom has always been quite the diva since her college days, so why should now be any different?! Running around endless errands leaves her feet in want of pampering & some TLC (tender loving care, for the uninformed). These Spa Gel Socks contain a section of healing gel which is inclusive of vitamin E, jojoba oil, olive oil, plant gel, grapeseed oil & lavender essential oil. Basically, the goodness of nature in a pretty package is what this creative mother's day gift is all about! 


3. Wonder Woman Metallic Keychain

Your mom is the epitome of strength in your eyes, because hello! She managed to push you out!! This officially licensed Wonder Woman Metallic Keychain is an ode to her strength both emotional & physical in particular & to womanhood in general. Make a gift of it to your mom this Mother's Day & watch her flash her million dollar smile while she carries her important key remembering how awesome she is!



 4. 3D Plush Frog Eye Mask

This super cute and comfortable eye mask is the best gift you can give to your hardworking mum on this mother's day. Not only does she need the sleep but she also needs and deserves a soothing one! With this 3D Plush Frog Eye Mask she will automatically fall asleep quite fast and comfortably.  Plus side - the eyes are fun to fiddle with too!

5. Wearable Nail Polish Holder

Celebrate the beauty queen that she is by making a gift of this super useful, Wearable Nail Polish Holder. This silicon holder slips in between her fingers and can be used to hold her nail polish with a solid grip. 

6. Dinosaur Tea Infuser

After a long day, mom's need their peace and quiet & what's better than a cup of freshly brewed green tea. The hot steam will open her pores & the warmth will help her relax. This Dinosaur Tea Infuser is the perfect cute gift for a mom who is on her toes all day.

7. Look For The Rainbow Notebook

Is your mom the eternal optimist & loves penning down motivational quotes?! Then maybe you could consider gifting her this Look For The Rainbow Notebook. Perfect for penning down her thoughts, this vibrant notebook is as much to treat to hold and behold as it is functional. 

8. Portable Paper Soap - Set of 3

Usually, moms are complete hygiene freaks and cannot stand the wet towels we tend to throw absentmindedly on the bed! If she is also a jet setter with 193 countries to visit on her bucket list, chances are that she would love this Portable Paper Soap - Set of 3. 

9. Ring Holder

Every queen needs a royal holder for all her paraphernalia. Made of ceramic this Ring Holder is perfect for holding rings and even holding bracelets or bangles.



10. Queen For The Day Inflatable Crown

Give her the crown the most special lady in your life deserves. Treat her like royalty and pamper her all you can, because she is worth it!

Often millennial new moms aren't really happy with the traditional gifts of roses and chocolates, try pleasing her with a fun, quirky selection of gifts for new moms at none other than Bigsmall.in

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