4 April Fool Ideas to Prank your best friend

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The monotony of a mundane life can get boring at times. While the world is fighting battles every second, you’d definitely love to break serious ambiance that is taking over your room! And who would set the mood right if not for your best friend? While you have your best friends and these nasty products, you’d never need an April fool’s day to play a prank on your beloved friend! Wanna know how? Read on!


Fart bomb

Is Life getting serious? Add a little fun to your life with fart bombs, a perfect joke gift to play a prank with. Let your best buddy do the honor without him/her even knowing it! Just put the bomb under his seat as he sits down to watch a movie or eat some snacks. A little squeeze and the stinky smell of fart will fill the room with its odour & a lot of laughter. As for your friend, he'll curse you. But again, that would be your thumbs up for a successful attempt! 


Fake PoopYour friend keeps on irritating you? It's time to equalize the score! Put this fake poop on his desk or toilet lid and freak him out for the best. The fake poop is a complete look alike of the original one minus the smell! So, the next time you are bored, serve it on a tray to your friends. And then, sit back and watch the fun.


Shrilling Chicken

  Put the shrilling chicken under your lazy friend's bed or favorite sofa. And the moment he chooses to lay down and relax for a bit, he'll get one hell of a surprise! What's better, he won't be lying down for a while!  


Pigeon Bird Mask

There nothing more creepy than a pigeon head hanging over a well-dressed body. The next time you visit your friend or invite him to your house, wear this mask to scare him to his wits! What a delight to the eye to watch him perplexed because of your April fools prank!

Do some prank and fool everyone on the April fool's day with your prank stuff. Be your own Fred and George Weasley and burst away seriousness with your little funny gifts for men & women!

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