5 Ways to Celebrate Your Bonds of Friendship

5 Ways to Celebrate Your Bonds of Friendship

Take a minute, sit back & relax... Close your eyes & think of the one person you cannot imagine going through life without. Chances are its the image of that incorrigible, loveable, irritating & irreplaceable bestie of yours. 

Show some love to that loveable buffoon of yours with some awesome, creative gifts & ideas. Though you can always treat him/her to something nice & fun, you might wanna go the extra mile for them on the 4th of August this year. We at Bigsmall.in, rolled up our sleeves & decided to find the best gift for your Joey or Chandler. #BraceletBuddies 

1. Take a trip!

Well, need we say more! Friends & travel when combined are the greatest stressbusters. Book two tickets to a destination you guys have been eyeing for a long time, pack some of your stuff and theirs along with some travel essentials. Show up at their doorstep or drag them from their workplace & be gone for a while! 

2. Plan a movie marathon

So life has been harsh, you haven't really had the time to chill together and have those heart to heart meaningful conversations. Take a day off, call in sick for work, make a bucket of extra butter popcorn, invite your bestie over, plug into Netflix and spend the day doing nothing but lounge on the sofa. 

3. Make your own friendship bracelets

Legend says that when you tie a bracelet on your friend's wrist, he /she can make a wish for something at that moment. Once the bracelet is all worn out & falls off by itself, the wish is supposed to come true. So get creative, pick up those pretty yarns & embroidery floss lying in mom's knitting supplies shelves & start braiding a beautiful personalized symbol of friendship. 

4. Go shopping

Well, this one is a no brainer. Grab your bestie & take him to the nearest flea market and spend the day picking out cool antique stuff. Or in case your friend is a lazy bum, may we suggest picking out some insanely cool stuff from the realms of your home? Searching for gifts for friends just got way easier, log on to the best online gifting site, and peruse through an enticing collection of gifts for friends.

5. Cook a fancy meal

Yes, people, you heard that right. Whip up a fancy meal, get down and dirty with the veggies and make a delicious spread for the two of you. 

Send your preferred gift or gift sets from the comfort of your home with just a couple of clicks at the quirkiest online gifting portal. Even if you guys are on different continents, we will ensure that your chosen gift is delivered to the giftee with a personalized handwritten note.

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