6 Best Anniversary Gifts for Wife

6 Best Anniversary Gifts for Wife

You have spent some joyous and memorable moments with your wife ever since you got married to her. And there is no better way to mark the occasion than with a wedding anniversary gift. Choose something that will take her back to the very first moment she saw you. Make her fall for you all over again with your present. The task of selecting what to give her seems quite tough. Don’t worry, we have done your homework for you. We have listed some presents that would be perfect for your anniversary and are the best gifts for your wife.

1. Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp

Is your wife the kind of person who loves to own a lot of gorgeous lamps? Or does she simply like to decorate the house with mementos from exotic places? Available in three different color combinations, the Eiffel Tower Lamp is just perfect! It’s a simple glass bottle studded with plenty of LED lights. USB ports are included, by the way.

2. Beating Heart Wall Clock

You spent a lot of precious moments with her. Did you ever stop to count exactly how many? This wall clock will let you know! It will also send out the message that your heart beats for her every second. We at Bigsmall think it’s very romantic. Get her a beating heart wall clock and watch how she melts into your arms. Made of Aluminium and Plastic, this masterpiece of a clock is also a wall décor!

3. Plush Slippers

With these comfy indoor slippers, tend to your hard working wife’s feet. Pamper them and make sure they experience only the most warmest, softest and the most cushy feeling when they touch the hard, cold floor. Plush slippers are the best thing to be invented when it comes to pampering. Just thinking about them makes you feel relaxed, doesn’t it!

4. Mermaid Tail Blanket

This yarn knit sleeping bag in the shape of a mermaid’s tail is perfect for your significant other who loves to relax with a book or a Kindle in her hand after the day’s work. When it comes to relaxing or sleeping comfortably on the bed, on the couch or in the car, your sleeping beauty would love to roll herself into one of these! Cozy indeed.

5. Nail Polish Holder

A two finger split nail polish holder is a thoughtful gift for her if she likes to change her nail color often to suit her mood or the occasion. Made of silicone, it is easy to use and wash. No more manicure accidents with this handy nail polish holder by her side.

6. Heart Umbrella

Heart Umbrella

A heart-shaped umbrella might be one of those things she has always wanted. Now you can surely get her one. Very romantic, very convenient and very real! Show her how much you love her with this umbrella shaped in the form of the symbol of love.

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