7 Funny Rakhi Gifts to Tease your Sister

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So you feel the need to pull a prank on you sister under the guise of a Rakhi present! Have a blast this Rakshabandhan with hysterical products built just to trick her. Your search for a funny gift to tease your sibling ends here. Just open Bigsmall, the online store for the quirky and creative and have fun to pick out a prank gift. You can get your chosen prank delivered either gift-wrapped to your sibling or to you. Shop from our unique range of funny Rakhi Gifts to tease your sister.


1. Pig Mug



If you are looking for creative gifts, how about the Pig Mug. It’s a very simple, white coffee cup with “I am…” written on it. What she won’t be aware of is the snout of a pig on the bottom of her cup. Now you know how this works! This prankster ceramic coffee mug will definitely tickle your funny bone at first and might result in the breakage of some real bones later! Buy your sister this and show her what you have always wanted her to know. And have a hearty laugh with this innovative present.


2. Fake Poop



Our online gift shop is full of unusual products. This particular one takes the cake, or shit more precisely! It’s one of those pranks that you have always wanted to pull on her. Literally, buy her a piece of crap! At least one made out of rubber won’t do any harm. It does not stink like the real deal, but the colour and texture are very realistic. This fake  poop will make anyone screech in disgust. A brilliant idea would be presenting her this in a gift wrapped paper with Happy Rakshabandhan written on it. We provide the service of personalised, hand written notes too in case you’re thinking of pulling this prank.

3. Money Wallet 

This gift speaks for itself. Trick her by making her think that she can expect the usual, plain old wad of cash this year as well. Wait until she realises that it’s not money at all. Relive your childhood memories of gifting chocolates on Rakhshabandhan by hiding a chocolate bar within the wallet. Wouldn’t that be a double surprise! Made of hard paper, this wallet is sure to stay in her pocket and heart all the time.


4. Funny Cat Cover


We believe that this design surely gives the finger to every other iPhone cover out there! If she loves cats, she is going to love this even more. Available in various colours, this 3D silicone cat is going to rock the look of her iPhone. Reclaim your position as the cool brother with this amusing product.  

5. Chewing Gum Magnets



Almost all siblings have fond memories of them sticking bubble gum onto each other's  hair, clothes and shoes. Play a prank on her by sticking a Rakshabandhan card on the fridge with a bunch of these magnets under cover and watch her react. It won’t be long until she realises what’s going on and smiles.  

6. Unicorn Mask

Unicorn Mask


We know that when you two were kids, you’ve always tried to fool her into thinking that unicorns exist. Well, now’s your chance to prove it.  This mask made of latex fits comfortably on most adult heads. Gift this and catch her by surprise. 

7. Fart Gun 

A fart sound never fails to make us gag. This silly, plastic gun might resemble a horn straight from the alien world at first. But it isn’t. It’s a fart gun. Let it rip near her when she’s least expecting it and we guarantee you a long hearty laugh. You just need to pump some air into it and it’s ready to blow the silence out of the room.  

Searching for more funny gifts in India? Whether you’re looking for cool gifts for guys or corporate gifts for your employees, we have them all at Bigsmall. Find the perfect gift and send them to your loved ones with Bigsmall, an online gift shop for things of the creative, quirky and unusual kind.


Written by Namitha H

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