Fun Ways to Celebrate Bhai Dooj - The Festival of Love between Siblings in 2022

Fun Ways to Celebrate Bhai Dooj - The Festival of Love between Siblings in 2022
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And on this note, have a very happy Bhai Dooj, you gais! Now, let's see how we could come up with the not-so-conventional ways to celebrate this festival of love among siblings.


So, my dearies, let's begin with what the lovely siblings who share the love-hate-love relationship can do to celebrate this Bhai Dooj with a twist.

 1. Date Night!

Make the best of the day with your adorably annoying sis. Plan a date night of all things nostalic. The favourite movie you used to watch as kids together (Harry Potter, Makdi, J-Jantaram- M-Mantaram or well, the one you choose) alongwith the "baraf ka gola" you used to secretly eat together, with maggi on the side (of course!) Plan a revisit to the nostalgic land and maybe show some love.


 Or if it so pleases you, wrestle each other like them old days.

2. Prank Fest!

You could not have possibly spent your childhood without playing pranks on your siblings, be it a water balloon fight or sticking slime on their hand with the fake handshake or scaring the shit outta them, jumping out of the closet. Now that you've grown up, there's no need to stop! Have you seen our prankster gifts that'll be your go to weapon of choice to prank your siblings? If not, it's high time! Make the special day, a day of reliving your childhood with your best bro. How very reminiscing. *sigh*



3.   Go out and celebrate!

Take this day to go out and just celebrate each other's company. Bowling, maybe, or the movies to the sequel of your favourite superhero movie or bonding over the last slice of your favourite pizza (because how many wars have started over that!). Whatever floats your boat and makes it a happy adventure! Because as much as it is about the pulling-each-other's-leg part, it is also about cherishing-each-other-and-celerating-your-bond part. Isn't it? 




 4. Celebrating your Artistic Sides Together

Did you not use to paint back then in school? And as much as your bro liked staining his clothes while painting with watercolours, he still managed to get you to make his art project, didn't he? So why not get creative and gift creative gifts to each other, or make them! Draw, paint, sketch or just have a fun time just like them old days, maybe just don't throw the paint at each other this time?


Ah, what the hell, why not a paint fight!

5. Recreate Old Pictures!

Choose the best of your childhood captured memories and recreate them, oh how fun would that be! So go on, take out the scrapbook album of pictures kept in some dingy corner assembling dust, and dress up the same way and get clicked in the very same pose! How adorable would the result be! OMG! And while you're at it, find some unique photo frames to collect and display the creative memories in and show some louveeeee to each other this once.



Now that we're done with that, if you're curious about the whats and hows of Bhai Dooj, reserve all your questions for the last, for they shall be answered. And go on to choose any or all fun ways to celebrate Bhai Dooj after the traditional festivities are done, because of course those are super important. Find your Sibling thing and make your own new tradition! Cheers!


And now, rewarding your patient spirit, here are the Bhai Dooj FAQs made just for you!

Happy Bhai Dooj! :)

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