Green Packaging: Taking steps towards a greener tomorrow

Green Packaging: Taking steps towards a greener tomorrow

Bigsmall is not just revolutionizing the field of online gifting but has also attempted to catch the bull by the horns, when it comes to green gifting. If one were to look into the current world environmental statistics, the reality is far from a rosy picture. At first glance, one doesn't give much thought to the packaging once we purchase a new product. Post unboxing, the packaging often lies forgotten in the corner and finally makes it's way to the trash. That attractively designed container ends up in landfills, oceans, and rivers, causing harm to surrounding wildlife and ecosystems. By 2050, our oceans are expected to contain more plastics than fish. In fact, it’s estimated that around forty percent of all plastics produced is packaging. So what can we as responsible consumers and an eco-friendly brand do to reduce our carbon footprint?!

We as a brand have made a major switch from plastic courier sacks to corrugated cardboard boxes which are made of recycled paper. "Rightsizing" packaging is another aspect in which team Bigsmall has shown active involvement in. By using only as much material as required for safe transportation we have not only managed to cut courier costs but also reduce the carbon footprint. Currently, about 95% of packaging volume has been shifted to corrugated boxes, and we are constantly on the lookout for ingenious environment friendly packaging material. So the gift that you are sending out to your loved ones is pretty environment-friendly too! As an aware consumer, one can look for ingenious ways to upcycle the packaging refuse. To gain more ideas regarding how to reuse bubble wrap, do check out the following link, Green Living - How To Reuse Bubble Wrap



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