Have a Blast With The Ultimate Holi Playlist!

Have a Blast With The Ultimate Holi Playlist!

Get ready to bust out some moves this Holi because we have curated a list of nine songs that will make you tap your feet. Brighten up the mood with these classic Bollywood songs and don't forget to check out the best ways to play an eco-friendly Holi. Now do us a favour, let's play Holi!

1. Jai Jai Shiv Shankar

Let's be honest, even if you've never actively listened to this song, you still know the lyrics and can sing them at the top of your voice while busting out some groovy moves.

2. Balam Pichkari

For the millennials who want to dance to the beats of something latest, this song is the perfect party song. With fun lyrics and music like this, it's hard not to dance.

3. Rang Barse

Who can deny the respect and love every generation has for Amitabh Bachchan? So turn up the music and dance to the funky beats while Big B recites his verses over them.

4. Gali Gali

Like to go all out on Holi? We do too. Pick up that gulal and paint the town rainbow as you dance to your heart's content on this banger.

5. Holi Khele Raghuveera

Do we even need to introduce this song?

6. Madhubala

Show everybody your thumkas with this upbeat Bollywood song and if you need some help, drink (legally!) that special liquid *wink* *wink* to give you the confidence.

7. Bajaa Bajaa Dhol Bajaa

Hit the dance floor and dance to the tunes of a beloved classic Bollywood song with a modern twist.

8. Chann Ke Mohalla 

Not everyone can go back in time and see how adorable our mom was in her youth. But, we can all ask her to show us some of moves that were popular in her time.

9. Nachde Ne Saare

Call out all the neighbours, adults and kids alike and pump up the party with this catchy party song.

If you're not big on playing with colours, just enjoy a good party, good food and exchange gifts like you would in any other festival. But, if you love throwing gulal at your friends and family you're in luck, for we have curated amazing Holi gifts to elevate your Holi experience.
Remember to play safe and have fun!

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