How To Use Gift Card? The Ideal Present When You Don’t Know What To Gift

How To Use Gift Card? The Ideal Present When You Don’t Know What To Gift

Virtual Gift Cards- The Gift Everyone Likes

Gifting is a great way to show the people closest to you that you care about them. Want to wish your friend luck for an upcoming event? Send him his favourite cologne to wear. Wondering how to make up with your beloved after a fight? Send her a personalised hamper. An even better option though, in both situations and many similar ones is to send an online gift card their way. We're sure they will love you every bit more for being thoughtful and understanding in choosing to let them decide what they’d want best. 

Virtual Gift Cards Make An Excellent Present for Any Occasion

Gift cards are honestly the best invention of the gifting world. Finally, we have a solution to all the woes we felt when choosing a gift for someone we didn't want to disappoint. Virtual gift cards save you the time and effort that goes into selecting a gift that the recipient may not even like.  For the recipient, a gift card is a nice surprise as it shows you care enough to give and to consider their opinions at the same time. 

Gift Card For Birthday Present 

It’s a common practice among friends and families to send gifts each other’s way on birthdays. However, few gift ideas for birthdays are so repetitive and hackneyed that even the recipient feels a tad upset about receiving such gifts. 

Choosing a gift card for birthday present is a sure-shot method of making the birthday gift feel unique and customised because what better way to personalise a gift for someone than gives them an opportunity to buy exactly what they would want. 

How To Use Gift Card As A Wedding Gift? 

We usually associate the term wedding gift with the gifts received by couples from other people. While most people send the most common, and mundane gifts to a newlywed couple. You can surprise them by sending a gift card their way.

We’d like to remind you that couples exchange wedding gifts amongst themselves too. You can introduce your partner to the concept of gift card ideas, and use gift cards to make each other feel special every now and then.

The best gift card to give a woman is something related to her hobby or interests, e.g. if she loves interior decorating, get her a gift card from, where she can buy the best of home decor items. This way you skillfully kill two birds with one stone. You shall impress your wife with your gifting skills and help redecorate your home without spending an extra penny. What’s a win-win situation if not that? 

Discounted Gift Cards For Corporate Gifting

It’s becoming increasingly commonplace for workplaces to send gifts at various hampers to their employees on different festive occasions. The practice shows you value your people and want to ensure that they feel appreciated. 

Sending discounted gift cards to your employees is an unorthodox and clever gifting method. Getting discounted gift cards from some nice gifting websites save you money as you need to get numerous gift cards. And getting a gift card in place of regular gifts offers employees a choice to use the card on things they like, and they tend to appreciate that. 

One Of The Many Benefits Of Gift Cards- An Effective Apology 

What happens when we upset someone close to us? Quite often upsetting someone close to you saddens you as well but to no avail. It’s always difficult to apologise in words and the inability to do just that infuriates the other person further. Virtual gift cards are the icebreaker, and symbolic apology we never knew we wanted to convey our apology when words fail us. 

So, next time you're confused about how to say sorry for an honest mistake or some other incident, send a gift card to console the person or at least soften the blow of their anger.

Use Virtual Gift Cards To Say Thank You

If you’re looking for ways to thank your boss for a favour they did unto you when you joined a new firm or planning to thank the colleague who was there for you on the first day of work after the long maternity break. Look no more! 

As per the gender of the recipient you can choose either gift vouchers for women or men to ensure they get the right options at the time of purchase. The most fail-proof gift you can send someone’s way when you do not really know their likes or dislikes is to gift them a virtual gift card. It is a definite reflection of your appreciation and they can get something they’d like more than anything not useful or mundane gift you’ll present them with.

We hope our blog has helped you enhance your basic understanding of gift cards. If you are still wondering, how to use gift card? Maybe try sending one to a loved one and you’ll get a better idea of its working, usage and efficacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Gift Cards Make The Perfect Gift?

When in doubt, gift cards are the best gifting option. Whether it is your family, friend or lover, whoever you want to surprise, gift cards will surely make them happy. Sometimes it is difficult to select a present they’d prefer most, and most of the time they don’t tell us what they want. For such occasions, it is convenient and smart to send them a virtual gift card so they can buy whatever they prefer.

What Is The Amount Of Gift Cards Available At Bigsmall?

Bigsmall offers different amounts of gift cards, ranging from Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000 at one time. Irrespective of what amount you spend, any easy to redeem gift card at bigsmall will bring a smile to your loved one’s face and brighten their day. Depending on what you think they’d like or the budget you already have in mind you can select the gift card amount without hassle.

Are Gift Cards Popular As Presents In The Corporate Sector?

Corporate sector firms have been using gift cards as an alternative to regular gift hampers for their employees for some time now. On receiving the gift card the employee may very well choose to buy a hamper with it during the festive season. The difference being, they will certainly enjoy the hamper better as it will be to their liking. Gift cards are wonderful presents for employees as they can purchase whatever they like. To redeem a gift card one does not need to know much about technology which further increases its popularity.

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