Money Heist: 13 Interesting Facts You Must Know

Money Heist: 13 Interesting Facts You Must Know

Well well well, we don't think we need to explain it, but let's address the elephant in the room. Money Heist or La Casa De Papel has taken the world by the storm and since the first part of Season 5 has released, it has broken all records by coming up to be the most watched show all over netflix in so many countries! (Yeah! Just imagine.) Who isn't high over the Spanish crime drama, it's spectacular! It's reaching unsurmountable heights and is on top of every show, on top of everyone's favorite shows, across the globe: be it India, Spain, Iraq, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, France or any other country.


Since Netflix took it on, the show has seen utmost love and has been undoubtedly ruling our hearts (and minds!) So it's only right that we want to know those tiny details and facts about it that we didn't know. 

So here they are!

13. Our beloved show nearly got canceled!

With its grand opening back in 2017 with four million viewers streaming it, the show witnessed rock bottom to the extent of cancelling it when the ratings started falling and the number of viewers got even less than half what the show began with. It was not so grand when the first season reached the finale. Thence came what wasn't predicted: Netflix! And oh, how the show soared high! There was no turning back anymore. Dubbed in several languages, it became the most watched series on Netflix ever. (Now that's a come back!)


12. The story behind City Character Names

We are all pretty aware that the epic characters, all of them, are named after famous cities around the world. The names go with their personalities so well, we dote on them quite a lot. So let's take a dive down how it all began. Going back to the time when the Director and Producer of the show, Jesus Colmenar let the cat out of the bag when he told everyone that the creator of Money Heist, Alex Pina once came in wearing a shirt on which was written, "Tokyo" which inspired him to base the legendary character names on cities! (Eh, it kinda makes sense, inspiration finds you in the unlikeliest of the places).


 11. Vis a Vis

Are you thinking, what the hell is Vis a Vis now? Because rightly so, that was our reaction too. Well, Vis a Vis is a Spanish serial drama television series similar to Money Heist and what's more, it was directed by Money Heist characters back then! The irrefutable knot between the two shows is that even though Vis a Vis is based on Women's jail, the Royal Mint of Spain was created on the very same set of Vis a Vis. (Now, that's intriguing.)

P.S. They have Nairobi! And she's the queen of Money Heist! (But maybe it could be fun to see her in Vis a Vis too, who knows.)

Money Heist
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 10. Rio was in an Indian Advertisement!

This is funny. So we caught Rio in an Indian advertisement with his ever charismatic smile and adorable expressions. He starred in an advertisement for the music app "Gaana" years ago. We could narrate it all we want, but you could see a glimpse of it right here.

Money Heist

9. Fans all over the World

From general public to celebrities to movie stars, everyone was taken by this show as Netflix poured the pixie-dust and the magic happened. Among them was the fan who got so into the show that he specially contacted the show makers and even got a role to play in the show! (Crazy, right?) Well, it was none other than the renowned Brazilian Football player, Neymar da Silva Santos Junior. He appears in the role of a monk!

Money Heist

8. The history of Red Jumpsuit

Red. How does it speak to you? Well, for a lot many people, it's the color of resistance, of anger, of revolt. The Red Jumpsuit has been taken from the inspiration of the French Revolution. "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity", the phrase that kept the revolutionaries motivated against the social and economical inequalities, is very much so the same fight the Professor fights against the authorities. (Inspired, we know!)

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7. Parallel Script Writing

Well, this one is fun. The writers of this great show sit along after every while and write a couple more episodes, so in essence, they write as and when needed. The logic behind this rests with the fact that they want to be able to see the reactions of the audience, their perception and take, and then write in accordance. Isn't it so unlike other show wherein the script is written beforehand? Well, what can we say, it's one way to keep things exciting!

Money Heist
Source: Indian Express

6. Translation Crisis

If you're here, reading this, we don't need to tell you that La Casa De Papel is a Spanish show originally. So yes of course, the intricacies of a language are not exactly put out when it's translated but it gets as close to the meaning as possible. Let's take for instance, the very title of the show, La Casa De Papel in Spanish which literally translates to 'The House of Paper' in English is essentially changed altogether when the English title is kept Money Heist  even though it resonates to the show, the meaning isn't really the same. One can't help but wonder, how would it actually be in the original language? How do the characters really sound? 

Money Heist
Source: Art of the Title 

5. Professor's City Name

Okay, so this one's probably addressed by a lot of people already but nonetheless it's very intriguing. So yes, all the characters of the gang are named after famous cities around the globe, except for this one person but we already knew that, right? What we probably didn't know is that this character, the Professor who is so nerdy, full of knowledge, and let's not forget his mysterious vibe also has a city name. (So mysterious, no?) The city name assigned to him, as he told everyone in an interview, is Vatican City. He elaborated the reason for the same with the city being well protected, mysterious, and filled with knowledge, which is legit, Professor personified.

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4. Objections to the use of Dali Mask

Rejecting the modern Capitalist Society, Dali was undoubtedly the face of eccentricity. And well, ultimately the same war against the Capitalist Society is stirred, and stirred hard in Money Heist as well by the Professor keeping in mind the honour and morals of revolution against the government itself. The hiccup of objections to use such an astounded surrealist's face for a show was not accepted by the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation to keep his reputation of culture and art intact. But well, they were won over too, at last!

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3. The Royal Mint of Spain

The initial plan to shoot the show was really at The Royal Mint of Spain but even after moving mountains, the authorization to shoot there was not granted. (Shocker! I know, right?) So endeavors began to find an equally magnificent set in Madrid. And finally, this endeavor bore fruits and the Spanish National Research Council was selected. Well, not all of it was shot there either. The outdoor scenes were shot outside the Spanish National Research Council, of course with due permissions and the rest, well that's the magic of the studio.

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2. History of Bella Ciao

Originating in the early 19th century, this Italian protest folk song was originally sung to protest the hardships faced by Mondina women working in the paddy fields in North Italy. Who could have ever possibly estimated that! With Money Heist using this gusto and zealous song, we all surely swung along with the tune, humming along with no clue of the lyrics! Dancing delightfully in front of Vault No. 3 of the Royal Mint of Spain to Bella Ciao, this song undoubtedly made space in our hearts with its vibe and we know you agree.

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1.  Tribute to Dali

When we talk about artists who inspired the world, and spoke volumes through their art, Dali might just make the top of the list. His paintings which became a milestone stopped at nothing to incite shock within his audience. A surrealist at heart, he painted thought provoking art. It is incredible how the team of La Casa De Papel gave a tremendous tribute to this artist to showcase resistance. What an outstanding stroke of genius.

Money Heist
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We can't wait for the second part of season 5 to come out and we say this for everyone, all of us are gonna be glued to the screens on December 3, 2021 to see what happens after Tokyo dies (still recovering from the shock though, honestly.) *sigh*


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