National Unicorn Day - Reinforce your belief in the magic of positivity

National Unicorn Day - Reinforce your belief in the magic of positivity

Unicorn is a legendary fictional creature that has been described as a white horse-like animal with a long horn and cloven hooves. This animal was depicted in the ancient seals of the Indus Valley Civilization. It was also mentioned by various ancient Greek writers as a part of the natural history. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, it was considered as a symbol of purity and grace and was also described as a wild woodland creature which could only be captured by a virgin. Its horn is said to have magical powers which has the power to turn poisoned water into potable and is useful in healing sickness.

We have never seen a unicorn and no one has got its traces too, but we still believe that they exist. And the same logic goes with the existence of magic, in and around our lives. This belief makes our lives going smoothly. So if you see an undeniably silken, rainbow-coloured tail whip around a corner in your home on April 9th, don’t worry because you are not crazy, it’s fine as it is National Unicorn Day.

You can make this day a magical one by giving the unicorn gifts to yourself and friends and enjoy the day by wondering about the magical moments that you have come across in life. Maybe, a unicorn doesn't exist but we must keep the hope alive by owning some of these beautiful gifts.

Unicorn Plush Slippers



The Unicorn Plush Slippers are one of the most comfortable slippers to give you a pampering feel whenever you wear it at home. These amazing slippers are in the shape of a unicorn with a spiral horn and colourful hair to give it a perfect mystical look of that creature. The plush slippers are available in various vibrant shades to give it a heavenly look and can fit kids, teens, men and women as it is available in various sizes. So buy these cosy shoes which are adorable to look at.

3D Unicorn Mug



The 3D Unicorn Mug is a beautiful mug, good to add magic to your coffee and give a perfect start to your day. This mug has a white base with pastel colours on it along with a shimmering golden horn, making it look like a real unicorn. The realistic design and colour contrast is good to make it your favourite coffee mug and will add to the decor of your kitchen.

Unicorn Lamp



The charming look of this Unicorn Lamp makes it an amazing home decor gift items. This lamp has got 9 LED lights which emits soft light to give out a heavenly glow to your room or hall area. The lamp is in the shape of a unicorn making it look like a real one. This lamp is good to add magic to your space as it is available in various beautiful shades. The Unicorn Lamp is a perfect gift for the coming National Unicorn Day which you can give it to your friends or buy it for yourself too.

Unicorn Salt And Pepper Shaker



We all see a salt and pepper shaker on our dining tables as it is a must-to-have article for every home. But did you know that you can add a pinch of magic to your dining space too? This Unicorn Salt And Pepper Shaker are going to help you do so. These shakers have a beautiful design of a unicorn and have a white base with colours on it. These rainbow shakers will tempt to keep gazing at them, whenever you look at it as its design is so appealing that you cannot take your eyes off.

Unicorn Makeup Brushes



All girls love to wear makeup because it adds magic to their beauty. These Unicorn Makeup Brushes is a perfect gift for all girls who love unicorns and themselves. The brushes come with a light, lavender handles with pastel-coloured bristles to make it look extraordinarily beautiful. Wearing makeup with these brushes will make the experience an exciting one. So if you want to please any girl on this Unicorn Day, this is the best pick for her

Unicorn Hoodie


Have you ever wondered how it would be to dress up like a unicorn during winters? The Unicorn Hoodie is perfect to help you experience that as it is designed in such a way that when you wear it, you definitely will look like a cute unicorn. So wear this hoodie and travel to your dreamy magical world where you wished to go. The hoodie is available in two beautiful shades, providing you with multiple options to help you pick the one in your favoured shade. It is also available in various sizes to fit all kinds of people.

Unicorn Bathrobe



The Unicorn Bathrobe is the cutest thing you will ever find for the upcoming National Unicorn Day. The bathrobe is available in the white shade which will make you look exactly like a unicorn, the way it is assumed to be. Kids don’t like to bathe but gifting them this bathrobe can tempt them to bathe as its design is so adorable that no kid can say a no to it. Wearing this bathrobe will make your child look like a cute little unicorn, running around in your house and this sight is will make everyday, a National Unicorn Day. Also, the material used to make this bathrobe is very soft and comfortable that takes care of your child’s skin.

While there are so many magical gift items on our website, we have just listed a very few of them. You can go to our website to buy these amazing and creative gifts for your friends and yourself, to make this Unicorn Day a memorable one. You may or may not see a real unicorn, but our gifts will make you feel their presence around yourself.

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