The saga of Mother’s Day, from dawn till dusk

The saga of Mother’s Day, from dawn till dusk

The word ‘Mother’ holds a different emotion in our heart as she is someone with whom our relationship is 9 months older than that with anyone in the world. She is not only the life giver but also is the first love of every child because ever since you open your eyes in this cruel world, the sight is her smiling face provide an aid in living. And all throughout your life, you must have found her as your complete support system in all good and bad times. For all she has done for you in raising you up, she deserves to be thanked a zillion times and for the same, the celebration of Mother’s day came into existence.

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The celebration of showing our thankfulness and honour for our mothers and their influence in the existence of the society is Mother’s Day. In different parts of the world, this day is celebrated in the months of March or May on different days.

In the early 20th century, the celebration of Mother’s Day came into existence. In the year 1908, Anna Jarvis held a memorial at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia in the memory of her mother. This Church now holds the shrine of International Mother’s Day. After losing her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, she began her campaign in United States in the year 1905 to make Mother’s Day a recognised holiday.

Ann Jarvis, who created the Mother’s Day Work Clubs to address people over health issues, was a peace activist who took care of the wounded soldiers of the American Civil War on both sides. Her belief that mother is "the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world" made her continue the work her mother had started and also set aside a day in the honour of all the mothers of the world.

In the year 1908, the US Congress joked over the idea of making Mother’s Day an official holiday, saying that they will have to declare a separate “Mother-in-Law’s Day”. After the tireless efforts of Anna Jarvis, all the US states observed this holiday in the year 1911. Some of these states observed this day as a local holiday and the first among these states was the home state of Jarvis’, West Virginia. A couple of years later, Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation, according to which Mother’s Day was to be held on the second Sunday in the month of May was designated as a national holiday in the honour of all mothers.

After becoming successful in making Mother’s Day a big hit, she became rebellious over the commercialisation of this day. In the early 1920s, companies like Hallmark Cards started selling Mother’s Day cards which freaked Jarvis out. She believed that these companies had misinterpreted and distorted the idea of this day because the emphasis of the holiday was over the sentiment of the people and not on profit. So she threatened these companies to issue lawsuits against them and also organised boycotts of her own creation. She also believed that the essence of this day was not in giving buying ready-made cards for mothers but in appreciating and honouring the mothers through handmade letters which can express the love and gratitude of oneself. And because of all of this, she protested at various places like the candy maker’s convention in Philadelphia in the year 1923 and at a meeting of American War Mothers in 1925. By this time, the selling of carnations by the American War Mothers had become a trend because carnations became associated with the Mother’s day. This issue rose the anger of Jarvis, who was later arrested for disturbing the peace.

In most countries, the observance of Mother’s day is derived from the holiday which was evolved in the United States and was promoted by those companies who saw their benefit in popularising this day. This day was adopted by various countries and culture and so the holiday has different meanings, is celebrated on different dates and is associated with different events.

Some other countries already had celebrations which existed to honour motherhood. These countries later added several external characteristics from the US holiday such as giving carnations and other gifts to their mothers. The extent of the celebrations varies greatly because, for some countries, it is considered offensive whereas in others it is celebrated by the immigrants and is considered as a taste of western culture.

If we talk about the religious beliefs of this day, then one might find some of the interesting facts about how different can the concept of Mother’s Day exist for different religions. In Roman Catholic Church, this day is associated with worshipping the Virgin Mary. Some of these Catholic homes have a special shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary. also, a special prayer service is held in some churches in the honour of the same.

In Islamic culture, there is no such concept of mother’s day but mothers hold a high position in religious custom. According to their traditions, one can only reach heaven if they care and love their mothers in their lifetime, for they believe that heaven is found under the feet of a mother.

In Hindu tradition, Mother’s Day is celebrated differently and is called "Mata Tirtha Aunsi" which is celebrated in countries having a Hindu population, especially Nepal. According to Hindu calendar, the holiday is celebrated in the month of Baisakh, on its new moon day. In Buddhism, the festival of Ullambana is another version of Mother’s Day and is derived from the story of Maudgalyayana and his mother.

Mother’s Day is considered a special day of the year, be it for the mother or for their children. People love and care about their mothers and so they celebrate this day with great zeal and enthusiasm. And it is only a day in the entire year which is dedicated to all mothers of the world. No matter how you celebrate or what you plan for your mother, a celebration is important and making your mom feel special is pivotal. Choosing gifts for the millennial mom can be a bit tricky, however you can now choose from an awesome range of fun & quirky gifts for new moms.

In all the regions of India, we celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, every year. With changing times, the celebration has changed a lot and has become a big event because of the awareness in the society. Everyone loves to participate in the celebration of this event in their own amazing way. And this marks the presence of the foreign tradition in the culturally diverse country.

Thanks to the technologies like computers and the internet, which has made the entire world a global village and has brought a huge revolution in the society and has collaborated all our traditions and celebrations. According to the Indian culture, people give the first priority to their mothers and so the celebration of Mother’s Day is of great importance to us. When we reach home from somewhere, the first person we look for is our mother. Have you ever wondered why this happens? It is because of the bond you share and nothing can beat that cherishing bond. The caring and loving hand of a mother can heal all your problems, no matter how big or small they are. That is why when you look for gifts for mom you tend to choose either the best or nothing!

There are various ways to show your love and respect for your mother. And of course, you would want her to feel special on her day. People give cards, flowers and make them cut cakes on this very occasion. A family gathering with all the near and dear ones around can add to the celebration. And you can have family brunches, lunches and dinners at home or at a cafe or restaurant. But you can do all of these only when you are with your mother on this day.

There are times when you cannot go to see her due to work and your corporate life. But even then your mom deserves to be felt special by you. Even if you are miles away from her, you can make her feel that you care and no distance can create any glitch in your bond. Writing a message is the best way to pour your heart out because nothing can beat the magic of words. You can also gift her a relaxing spa session for a pampering feel and rejuvenating experience.

But if you cannot manage to do any of these things, then you need not worry because there is nothing more appreciable than your precious time. When you give your time to someone, you are investing a part of yourself in them and that feeling that someone is there for you rests all your worries. Make sure to call your mom up on Mother’s Day and talk to her about those days when you were little. Nostalgia will fill her heart with happiness and is a great way to fill her day with so many memories of the good old days.

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There is no scale available to measure the efforts of our mother in making us what we are today. They never get tired of doing things for us and they never give up on us, no matter how stubborn we are. And when we grow up, it is our obligation to take care of them whenever they need us. Mother’s Day is just one day of the year when all mothers get attention from their children. But there is no day in our lives when our mothers do not have a watch over us because they are always concerned about our wellbeing and good health. So make sure to keep a check on her every day and make her feel that every other day is as special as a Mother’s Day. Our caring and loving touch are all they need to live a happy life and this is the least they can expect from us. There is something for every budget because we sincerely believe that gifting shouldn't be limited by price tags. So, for  2023 Mother's Day view the entire collections here and gift - Mother's Day Gifts Under Rs 500, Mother's Day Gifts Under Rs 1000, Premium Mother's Day Gifts.

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