Top 15 Creative Handmade Birthday Gift Ideas for Everyone

Top 15 Creative Handmade Birthday Gift Ideas for Everyone

There is a plethora of gifts out there with categories like gifts for anniversaries or gifts for weddings but there are some gift ideas that don't have enough categorizations. One such birthday gift idea is handmade gifts or DIY birthday gifts. knows the value of everything personal, be it personalized gifts or handwritten personal notes, that is why we are here to help you find the perfect handmade birthday for your friend, family, or even yourself because why not pamper yourself on your birthday?

What Are Handmade Gifts?

First things first, what are handmade gifts? Are handmade gifts only those gifts that we make ourselves? Are DIY birthday gifts handmade gifts? Well, any gift that involves humans and not machines to do the final assembling of the final, usable result, is a handmade gift. To put it simply, be it Do It Yourself or a gift you buy that is handmade by someone else, these are considered handmade gifts.

Why Should I Give A Handmade Gift?

Have you ever brainstormed for new gift ideas and then got exhausted of endless online scrolling? It is always helpful to limit your online gift-buying searches to something particular like unique birthday gifts online or shop for innovative gifts online. These aren't very new gifting ideas though. Handmade gifts used to be quite loved and popular till many more creative gifts came to the market. Now, handmade gifts have made a return because after years of splurging on loved ones with gifts, we all look for ways to make gifting more personal in any way possible.

The number of people who think of adding personal notes with their gifts has increased lately as a result of this emotion. This is where handmade gifts hold a special place. You can buy many creative and unique handmade gifts online as well. You can make your own handmade gifts as well. Either way, the appeal and value of a handmade gift can be more than the usual machine-processed gifts for many people.

5 Best Handmade Birthday Gift Ideas

If you are artistic or if you have the patience and skills to put in your efforts to make a handmade present for your friend or even your family then you can consider executing one of the following handmade birthday gifts or handmade paper gifts as well. Don't forget to wrap them up in our unique gift wrapping paper like the cute gift wrapping paper with pineapples or the beautiful abstract pattern gift wrapping paper.

1. Make A Card

 Yes. The everlasting love of creative handmade cards will always be one of the best ideas for handmade birthday gifts. You can make a simple birthday card with the messages you wish to convey, a personal poem or even write small anecdotes from the times you and your friend have spent together. You could prepare a photo birthday card as well or a handmade pop-up birthday card. Just read up on the easy ways to make a DIY birthday card for him/her and get started!

2. Craft A Wall Hanging

There are many artistic and unique wall hangings that you can make yourself! You could either go for making a wall hanging with cardboard and a bunch of recycled materials like toothpicks, ice cream sticks, glass, mirrors, and so on, or you could also stitch up a wall hanging! Put your weaving skills to work and stitch up a beautiful handcrafted wall hanging as a birthday present. It is one of the distinctive birthday craft ideas.

3. Prepare A Snack Box

 Is your close one used to collecting munchies to gobble on while working or just relaxing in bed? Why not make a personal, handmade snack box for them? If you are a chef or a baker then it is time to give handmade birthday gifts of food! You can bake biscuits or cookies, some homemade chips, bake a loaf of bread, and add some healthy and tasty dips along with it. You can also add some staple Indian snacks which are easy to prepare at home like mathis or namak paare. We are sure that a friend or family member who loves snacking would go crazy over this personal, handmade snack box as a birthday present.

4. Compile A Care Package

A care package birthday gift is one of the most creative birthday gift ideas. All of us like being pampered and loved. When someone goes the extra mile to just bring us everything we need in times of loneliness or gloom, we make a bigger soft corner for them in our hearts. Depending on the person whose birthday it is, the care package items will vary. This may not seem like a typical handmade gift but it is because you personally bring together all these items and make a birthday care package gift just for them!
Some elements you can consider adding to your handmade care package would be creative handmade cards or a handwritten note, some candies, or their favorite chocolates, you could add a small batch of homemade cookies as well. If they are into movies then the astronaut USB night light would be a great addition for nights when they snuggle in their sheets and watch movies on their laptop with this cute night light plugged in for the right amount of light. You can explore many options like these based on the kind of person they are like for instance, we have quirky gifts for geeks or gifts for the unicorn loving buddies out there. You can also find many small gift ideas to include in your care package easily.

5. Present A Painting or A Sketch

If you have that artistic talent then why not paint or sketch something for your loved one? If you are wondering "Is giving a painting as a birthday gift a good idea?" Then trust us, it is. A handmade painting crafted just for them will mean a lot. It is one of the best birthday gift painting ideas or handmade birthday gifts one can receive.

5 Unique DIY Birthday Gift Ideas

Do you feel you cannot execute the above-mentioned ideas? Do you feel you lack the skills to make a handmade birthday gift? We are here because frankly our dear, we do give a damn. That is why we have compiled a list of 5 DIY birthday gift ideas from our range of unconventional DIY gifts which you can assemble and gift to your friend or family as a handmade birthday present!

1. DIY Ferris Wheel Photo Frame

Photo frames are a loved birthday gift so why not give this DIY Ferris wheel with multiple photo frames?

2. DIY Ugears Puzzles

Be it the Ugears Bike VM-02 Mechanical Puzzle or the Ugears Roadster VM-01 Mechanical Puzzle, these DIY puzzles are one of the best eco-friendly birthday gifts for collectors of wooden mechanical models!

3. DIY Music Box

From the beautiful Cherry Blossom DIY Wooden Music Box to the Merry Go Round DIY Wooden Music Box, these are creative and melodious and are also great gifts for new moms to play while their newborn falls asleep!

4. DIY Calendar

Why not give an artsy handmade birthday gift to your friend which is the perfect addition to their side-tables or office desks because these aren't just cute but also useful & unique calendars for 2021! From the DIY Sewing Machine Calendar to the DIY Typewriter Calendar, these are unique calendars which make for great handmade gifts and are apt if you are looking for artistic small birthday gifts as well.

5. DIY Wooden Art Puzzle

Wall art which is assembled personally by you will make any dear one feel special because of how much effort you put in to make their day worthwhile and exciting! From the cute Elephant DIY Wooden Art Puzzle to the stunning Eiffel Tower DIY Wooden Art Puzzle, there are many different designs that you can choose from and give an innovative DIY birthday gift!

5 Creative Handmade Birthday Gifts Online

Not all of us are artistic tjat can come up with birthday gift painting ideas or have the time to spend hours on curating a gift or gift packages for our loved ones. Despite that you might still want to gift something handmade and usually go for handmade gift wrapping paper or handmade paper cards. Well, you don't have to look any further because we've got you! Here are 5 unique handmade birthday gifts you can buy at

1. Handmade Dreamcatcher with LED Lights

Dreamcatchers are one of the best thoughtful gifts online that one can buy. You can find many of these online as well as offline but what about the times when you wonder about where to buy dreamcatcher with lights? Think of us next time you have that thought because we have this beautiful handmade dreamcatcher with lights which will brighten up any room!

2. Embroidery Hoop Art

We have numerous hoop art with us for every kind of person. So if you weren't able to find a handmade gift in our Official Harry Potter Merchandise collection then you can give the Gryffindor Embroidery Hoop Art as the birthday gift for Harry Potter fans or you can also go for the Handmade Mom Embroidery Hoop Art if you are looking for handmade birthday gifts for mothers.

3. Handmade Embroidered Post Card

Why not write a heartfelt message in a handmade embroidered post card? You can choose from pretty flower designs like the Handmade Sakura Embroidered Postcard or the Handmade Blue Bouquet Embroidered Postcard amongst others. A thoughtful message in a thoughtful handmade birthday gift that they will cherish and remember forever.

4. Handmade Happy Birthday Chocolate

What's better than a handmade chocolate bar? A handmade chocolate bar which comes with a special birthday packaging! The perfect chocolate for a birthday celebration! It comes in three flavours too.

5. Handmade Paper Lantern

A lantern is the best birthday gift for lamp lovers. If you are looking for handmade paper lanterns then you should consider getting our top handmade paper lanterns from our creative lamps collection like the Blue Patterned Paper Lantern.

Some Unique Birthday Craft Ideas to Make Your Celebration Extra Special

While there are a plethora of gifting options available online, doing something as creative as handmade paper gifts is crazy!  There are so many birthday craft ideas that can enhance the essence of your celebration:
  1. Painting: No, you don’t have to be selective or conduct intense research on the colors or consistency when a complete set is laid out for you. Given the myriad of painting kits, you can easily ponder over birthday gift painting ideas and create one.
  2. Paper bags, etc.: Again, the kit is readily available, all you have to do is a little bit of assemble and stick.
  3. Birthday memory jar: Now if you are a fish out of water that does not know anything about painting or craft, this is the easiest! Just pen down some special memories, pour in some glitter, and place a battery-operated fairy light. You are good to go.
  4. Birthday Banner: Customise a birthday banner using cardboard, chart paper, fabric, or some material, and write down the name, age, and any special thing you wish.

Tips To Make Creative Handmade Cards For Your Loved Ones

We are sure that by now your mind knows the right place to buy handmade birthday gifts. Remember, be it a completely homemade gift or a DIY gift or a handmade birthday gift, you can include so many things and make your loved one's birthday special with these handmade birthday gift ideas any time! Be it your father or even when you are looking for birthday gift ideas for boyfriend, all these gift ideas are useful. Don't forget to combine a few ideas to get more creative. After all, we have just laid down a list, now we know your own imaginative mind will create the perfect handmade birthday gift package!

Here are some tips to make creative handmade cards:
  • Ensure to select good quality materials.
  • Customize the card based on the interests and preferences of the recipient.
  • Opt for some trendy embellishments and texture papers.
  • Decide on the vibe of the card, whether to set the tone vintage, trendy or uptight.
  • Add an artistic element to the handmade card by writing something down in your own handwriting.
  • Do not forget to add photographs to create a more personalized feeling.
  • Lastly, write a heartfelt message and attach it to the card.

Birthdays are always a special occasion to celebrate in life. Shower your loved ones either with these handmade birthday gift ideas or buy them the best birthday gifts online that they will cherish forever.

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