World Photography Day - 10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Photography & Camera

World Photography Day - 10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Photography & Camera

History & Significance of World Photography Day

On 19th August 1839, France purchased the Daguerreotype Process patent and gave it to the world as a gift. Later, this became the foundation of camera developments and photographic treatments. In 2009, Australian photographer Korske Ara decided to honor the day by celebrating World Photo Day. This unofficial holiday had humble beginnings, but over time it started to gain popularity worldwide.
This day is to honor the art of photography and how the technology has changed over time. From a photograph taking 1 hour to click to taking a picture and sending it across the globe in seconds, we have come a long way. The day is also celebrated to encourage people to take up photography as a hobby or career. Art is still not considered a main source of income, and such holidays (official or unofficial) are important to discuss various fields of the artform.

10 Fun Facts About Photography & Camera

1. The first self contained digital camera was invented by Steven Sasson at Kodak in 1975.

2. The first-ever photo of a black hole was taken on April 10, 2019. The image reveals the central black hole of Messier 87, a massive galaxy in the Virgo cluster.

3. With 4,425 cameras, Dilish Parekh from Mumbai has the world's largest camera collection.

4. In 1828, Louis Daguerre accidentally took the first photo that captured a human being. The man was getting his shoes polished on the street and was standing still for the time it took to capture the image (seven minutes) and ended up being in the final snap.

5. Back in the day, photographers mixed potassium chloride and aluminum to create flash. This mixture would create a bright light when introduced to a spark. With such materials, photo-taking attempts often led to explosions, especially when not mixed correctly.

6. The first self-portrait is credited to Robert Cornelius in 1839.

7. The word photography means drawing with light. The word was supposedly first coined by the British scientist Sir John Herschel in 1839. It comes from the Greek words phos meaning light, and graphê, meaning drawing or writing.

8. Taken in 1826 or 1827 by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, the world’s oldest surviving photograph was captured using a technique Niépce invented called heliography. It produces one-of-a-kind images on metal plates treated with light-sensitive chemicals. The photograph allegedly took a whooping 8 hours to capture.

9. The cameras that first captured the Moon's surface are still there. When the Apollo mission took off, they carried 12 camera's with them but came back with only the films. To make space for the rock samples, the scientists decided to leave the camera's behind as they were very heavy.

10. In Victorian England, taking a photograph with a dead family member became a way to commemorate the dead. It was a way to remember their loved one who succumbed to death too soon, either due to poor healthcare or other natural causes.

FAQs about Photography Day

When is World Photography Day celebrated?
Every year 19th August is celebrated as World Photography Day. It falls on a Friday in 2022.

How to celebrate Photography Day?
Share your best pictures on social media with your friends and family and tag #worldphotographyday or, if you are a professional, submit your photos and win a chance to get featured on

What is the theme of World Photo Day this year?
There is no theme decided for the day yet, but you can host your competition among friends. Choose a theme that is simple and allows the participants to get creative.

Tuscan Dreams by Elia Locardi

Which countries are considered best for photography?
Scenic countries like New Zealand, Greece, Rome, Morocco, etc., are considered some of the best countries for photography. But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder - you can get the perfect picture in an alleyway if you want to.

What to gift a photographer friend on World Photography Day?
If you are looking for a gift for a photographer friend, check out these quirky photo frames. Gift them a unique photo frame to display their pictures or go the extra mile and get them a personalized photo frame with the favorite photo they ever clicked printed on a wooden frame.

Participate in World Photography Day this year and share your favorite snaps online with your friends and family. Learn more about this art form, try new techniques, support small local creators, or participate in a photography competition to get your creative juices flowing. Clicking a picture is a way to preserve memories - so remember to have fun!

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