Evil Eye Gifts

Want to buy a gift that is quirky yet traditional? Check out these amazing evil eye gifts to keep your loved ones safe from Nazar. Not big on jewellery? Don't worry for we have everything from rugs and wall decor to deflect harmful and negative energy coming your way. A great gift for your friends and family, an evil eye gift is perfect for occasions like birthdays, graduation, anniversary, etc.

All You Need to Know About the Evil Eye

Keep seeing the symbol of an evil eye lately and wondering about the evil eye's meaning and uses? We're here to tell you about the powerful evil eye protection and also introduce you to some unique and quirky Nazar amulets. The evil eye originates from Greek culture, where it is known as μάτι or "mati". If someone is jealous of you or has some negative thoughts about you, the evil eye charm is said to be a protection against these ill intentions. There are different coloured evil eye charms with different meanings, e.g. the red evil eye is said to protect you from anxiety and the white evil eye helps one focus their energy. 

The Different Types of Evil Eye Items from Bigsmall

Get a variety of evil eye products at your favourite online gift store bigsmall.in today! We have scoured the internet for perfect products for you like the evil eye rug, evil eye pendant, evil eye bracelet, evil eye earrings, and evil eye rakhi among other things. Get the best out of the best to protect you and your loved ones from a harmful eye. An evil eye gift will be perfect for the birthday of a special friend or the anniversary of your parents.

The Different Evil Eye Colours & Their Meanings

Nowadays, there are a variety of coloured evil eyes available. The most popular colour is still Dark blue, but other colours are also famous as each has a different meaning.

Red evil eye - Red evil eye is supposed to bring you courage, enthusiasm, and more energy. It is also said to be great protection against anxiety and fear.

Blue evil eye - Blue evil eye opens up the flow of a conversation and helps you feel calm and relaxed. It is worn to protect one from bad karma or fate.

Green evil eye - Dark green evil eye will bring a balance to your life while light green evil eye helps protect your good health.

White evil eye - The colour white usually symbolizes new beginnings and it's the same here. The white evil eye will keep your mind clutter free and help you start fresh. It is also known for purity and for keeping the wearer focused.

Purple evil eye - Purple evil eye is great to remove obstacles from your life and re-balance your life. If you are an artist you should consider getting one, for it is also said to boost your imagination.

Brown evil eye - Brown evil eye is great to feel connected to nature and protect yourself from other elements.

Grey evil eye - Grey evil eye will help you open up to new situations more comfortably and protect against sorrow in your life.

Pink evil eye - Pink evil eye is said to make the wearer feel content and calm. It will also help you protect your friendships.  

How the Evil Eye Is Becoming A Trending Symbol of Our Times

Growing up in India you've probably heard your aunt or grandmother talk about the "buri nazar" and their ways to deflect it. The concept of the evil eye is present in a number of civilizations across the world, maybe that is why everybody is drawn to use the protective symbol now. Every culture has a different way to incorporate the evil eye into their lives but wearing it as a fashion accessory is most common in modern society. The original blue evil eye can now be seen as jewelry, rugs, charms, embroidered on clothes, etc. What started as a blue talisman to protect against jealousy has now become a fashion statement and an accessory.

Why Buy From Bigsmall?

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