Incense Burners

An Incense Burner is a beautiful gift, whether it's for a housewarming ceremony or a festival! Discover and get the most amazing incense burners in our online store. An easy way to take the décor of your room up a notch and give it a more artsy feel, these incense burners are surely a gift anyone would love! 

If you want to construct the boho-chic room you've always strived to have, an Incense Burner is just what you need - it is a super easy way to take the décor of your room up a notch and give it a more artsy feel. With the right Incense Burner, you could give your room an entire makeover. All those bright, pretty bedrooms you've seen on Pinterest? Decorate your room just like them. But first, you need to buy incense holders online 

Incense Burners 

You could want to buy any kind – ceramic incense burners, a Buddha-themed Incense Burner, Decorative Incense Burners to give a new appearance to your place...the list goes on and on- but if you're looking for  the absolute best incense burners online in India, we've got a ton of options for you. 

Buddha Incense Burners 

You could be on the quest to find beautiful Buddha décor items or Buddha Incense Burners for your house. Or maybe you have a got a friend or family member who worships Buddha. This is just the place where you can find gifts for Buddhism practitioners. Know someone who wants to live the Zen life and you'd like to find zen gift ideas? We've got the right fitting presents for you to gift! 

Our Little Monk Incense Burner is an elegant, calm-looking burner which can create a pleasing ambiance wherever you place it. It has a removable base where incense is placed inside and the smoke wafts off the holder in the Little Monk's hands. Gentle and pacifying, it is sure to charm anyone who visits your home. It is the perfect size and has a smooth, glossy feel to it that makes it feel extremely exquisite. Its deep brown colour adds to its grace and goes easily with the existing décor of any room! 

Spiritual Gift Ideas 

Another amazing choice is the Buddha Incense Waterfall Burner- an Incense Burner that is breathlessly enchanting to look at. It is a back flow incense burner, which basically means that the smoke of the incense from the flows from the top to the bottom. The smoke arises from the bottom part of the cone. This, in turn, helps in creating the illusion of a smoky waterfall pouring down, with the serene Lord Buddha meditating right next to the waterfall. It makes for an ideal housewarming gift, Diwali gift, Wedding Gift or Birthday Gift for anyone who likes home decor and is sure to be appreciated by anyone who wishes to adopt Buddhism or already practices it. Oh, and did we mention the best part? It comes along with a whole box of 40 back-flow incense cones in the most attractive, lively and cheerful colours. 

We also suggest to you the Fisherman Incense Burner. This burner is truly one of a kind and has a super creative design. It also has the most phenomenal finishing. It presents the image of a wise, old fisherman fishing by a smoky pond. This attractive pond, which is actually an illusion created by the smoke of the incense, looks peaceful and adds to the charm of any room. The smoky pond is at the foot of a big, tall waterfall, which is eye-catching and glossy because of the incense 'water' that flows downwards. 

 Apart from all our Incense Burners, we also have an entire set of backflow incense cones! These are an innovative and creative alternative to the conventional agarbatti or incense sticks prevalent today. These colourful cones are a vibrant choice to feed your habit of lighting incense and have just the right soothing, mild scent which helps you to relax and disentangle yourself from the mundane routine of daily life. They're the best type of incense for your home. 

These are among the perfect Buddhist gift ideas we have to offer! 

If you're wondering why an Incense Burner is a must have for your home, let us tell you.  

Meditation with Soothing Incense Sticks for Relaxation 

There are lots of reasons to use incense. Here are 10 of them: 

  1. Burning Incense during meditation with soothing incense sticks for relaxation is a great way to enhance your meditation practice. The mild, comforting fragrance of incense will help you concentrate better and take away your focus from your surroundings and drive you to focus on yourself. 
  1. Soothing, fragrant incense is a great way to help you unwind after a long, hard day at work or in college. Just light a backflow incense burner and see for yourself! Not only will its mild scent help you relax and aid you in radiating positivity, its beautiful, glossy image is sure to make you keep gazing with fascination at it for hours and stay engrossed.  
  1. From all the mindfulness meditation gifts online, an Incense Burner that is Buddha-themed will majorly encourage you to practice a mindful way of life and to build your everyday routine around it. It stands to remind you of the values of Buddhism and how to practice them regularly. 
  1. Whether you have fancy incense burners or more minimalistic ones, all incense helps you release pent up emotions and get rid of any negativity that is bothering you or holding you  
  1. Incense helps relieve anxiety and depression and aids greatly in stress relief too. For anyone battling with mental health issues, incense will help you heal! 
  1. What better way to practice an invigorating yoga routine other than being surrounded by the most calming fragrance of incense? The next time you're practising Sun Salutations, do it with incense lit around you. You'll surely have a better time being attentive to your body and listening to what it needs! 
  1. If you want to create a shrine or altar to devote a corner of your house to religion or spirituality, a Buddha Incense Burner can have a major impact on making the corner feel more divine and  With some fresh petals and candles too, your shrine will look perfect. 
  1. Incense has a stimulating effect on the brain. It brings about creativity and opens up the mind. So if you're a budding writer or musician, we're certain incense will help you with your tasks! 
  1. It has a healing power that can change your life for the better.Mindfulness, focus, concentration...the benefits have no end!

  2. It assists in making you sleep better. With its soothing fragrance, it brings about a feeling of calm that helps you relax and thus sleep better.

Where to buy Incense Burners Online  

If you're looking to buy incense burners online or just want to get acquainted with incense burner prices in India for future purchases, is the right place to have come to! All the way from meditation gifts to spiritual birthday gifts or even divine, holy presents- we offer an entire range of such gifting options. If you'd like to send spiritual & creative gifts online to India, we offer a simple process of order and delivery. 

An Incense Burner is a beautiful gift, whether it's for a housewarming ceremony or a festival! Discover and get the most amazing incense burners in our online store. An easy way to take the décor of your room up a notch and give it a more artsy feel, these incense burners are surely a gift anyone would love!

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