10+ Unique Rakhi Thali Decor Ideas

Rakhi has been synonymous with the unconditional love between a brother and sister for centuries. While the sister ties the sacred thread of protection on the wrist of her brother, he promises to keep her safe from all the evil around. Rakhi has quite a history with some enthralling stories of brother-sister relations between Lord Krishna and Draupadi, Rani Karnavati and Humayun, and Goddess Lakshmi and Raja Bali keeping their word and with the nobility in their heart, protecting their sisters.

Even today, whenever a girl is in trouble, her brother is the first one she tells everything to. Something’s gone wrong, need advice? Brothers always have their sisters covered. Having uncountable memories of laughter, pranks, fights and idiocy is all that keeps them together.

Rakhi, thus, has its own uniqueness with the childlike innocence and earnest selflessness for other. Every part of Rakhi fills the siblings with excitement. And when it's the sister you are talking about, preparing the Thali is as important as tying the sacred knot itself.

Rakhi ki thali is a thali that contains all the items needed for the ritual. Lighting up the diya, applying roli and chawal on the forehead of the brother, doing aarti, tying the sacred rakhi and presenting the brother with his favourite sweets are some of the beautiful memories that the thali takes care of.

Decorating the Raksha Bandhan thali in various ways has been trending for years. Making it colourful, adding beautiful designs to its surface, arranging all the materials in just the right place- all these aspects give it an aesthetic appearance and festive feelings begin blossoming just as its sight. Conventionally, thalis have been regarded as a means of praying to God and decorating it as our devotion and respect for Him.

But today, it has gone far beyond the ‘old norms’ to be a part of the photogenic community! Getting candid pictures with the beautiful thali is every sister’s objective. Rakhi Thali decoration has turned into a prop of which social media uploads profoundly boast. Maybe this is today’s generation’s way of expressing its love and making memories with their siblings. And if ‘Rakhi Thali’ plays such an important role, it undoubtedly needs to be as beautiful as the festival!

Rakhi Pooja Thali decoration is subject to creativity. The more creative ways you can think of, the prettier it will look. And even if you are out of ideas for the decoration, here are some of the ways that could help you create a mesmerizing thali for the festival.

To start with the decoration, you need to have all the material that goes into the plate. But first of all, you need to select the thali. You could choose steel, silver, brass or any other metal available.

Once you have chosen your thali, let’s move on to the ingredients!

 The main items for Thali decoration for Rakhsha Bandhan are:

  • Roli
  • Chawal
  • Diya
  • Sweet
  • Water
  • Incense sticks and stand
  • Rakhi
  • Nariyal (optional)
  • Sandalwood paste ( optional)
  • A secret item ( Read on to know what it is)

Does the ‘Secret item’ intrigue you? Well, hold on as it will soon be revealed. But let me brief you, your thali would be incomplete without it. Don’t worry though, because you’ll soon have it to complete the thali.

Now that you have all the things you need, there are different suggestions we have for you to give your thali a traditional and vibrant look.

1. Traditional Thali Decoration

To design a traditional thali for Rakhi, the first thing that you need to do is coat it with your favorite colors. Generally orange, red, yellow and royal blue are the preferred choices. Again, it is your creativity that comes into play here. Use oil paints as they stick to the metal and give a shine to the plate.

Alternatively, you can also stick velvet paper on the inside of the plate as per the dimensions. You can do that when you have a ceramic thali. Make sure though, that everything is kept at the distance so that there are no chances of catching fire.

Once you are done with the colouring, you can stick mirrors, pearls, stars, and other decorative items on the plate according to your design. Add stones, zardosi and colourful laces to decorate the rim of the thali.

Colour the little containers if you are keeping sweets, roli and chawal in it. Arrange them in their place and paste it using fevikwik or hot glue and you are good to go! 


Traditional Rakhi Thali


2. Designer Thali Decoration 

To prepare a designer thali, you could either opt for a pre-decorated thali available in the market and give it finishing touches accroding to your taste. You can replace some coloured stones with your favorite gems, or add some sparkle if you think it's lacking that oomph factor. But, if you want to make one yourself, all you need is a collection of coloured papers with designs of leaves, flowers already painted or beaded chains and decorative stickers. Stick them according to your requirement and that's all! To complete the royal look, put a white colour sweet like rasgulla or chum-chum with pearl rakhis. Oh, and don't forget to reserve a place for the ‘secret item’!

Designer Thali


3. Unique Thali Decoration

If you wish to decorate it in an innovative way, there are unique thali for Raksha Bandhan decorations that would get you on the move! Along with unique rakhi gifts, one needs a unique thali!

Bamboo Thali Decoration

If you have a bamboo polystyrene thali and want to decorate it this festive season, all you need to do is cover the surface of the thali with colourful cloth of your choice. Add stars, mirrors and other decorative items to the cloth and paste them in their place. Add pearls, stones and other lace around the thali or make a patterns using it. It can be the traditional swastika or a simple spiral, whatever you like. Place the earthen diyas around the periphery and add roli, chawal and other items into it. You could also paint them according to the colour scheme. 

Put your Rakhi and sweets along with the nariyal and ‘secret item’ to complete the thali.


Bamboo Thali


Pista laced Thali

This unique thali decoration is one of the most unique and prettiest ideas. To prepare a pista laced thali, you need to stick a red or maroon velvet paper on the plate. Take half pista shells and paint them with golfer colour or other colours you like. Once they have dried, paste them on the edges of the plate. At the centre, make a small circle by using four- five shells to keep kumkum and chawal inside. Put Rakhi, sweets and other items around. Your pista laced thali is ready! This idea is truly one of it's kind as it makes the best out of the waste. We are all about upcycling stuff!


Pista Laced Thali

4. Royal Thali Decoration

Silver Royalty

To prepare a silver royal thali, you need a silver plate, preferably oval in shape. Add 2-3 silver bowls to it and keep all the required material in it. To enhance its look, add small statues of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi in the thali (extra points if they are silver plated). Decorate the periphery by circumscribing it with silver anklets (payal) or a silver chain with beads to complete the royal look.


Silver Royalty


Bronze Royalty

To decorate in a bronze royalty style, you’ll need a bronze thali. Cover it with a cloth of blue or any contrasting colour of your choice. You can decorate the cloth by sticking stones, mirror or some embroidery. Once you are done with the cloth, put all the items on the plate as per your requirement. Put Rakhi on the plate and your Rakhi Thali is set!

5. Floral Thali Decoration 

The only thing you need to decorate the thali is flowers. Lots of flowers! Separate the petals of different coloured flowers like red rose, pink rose, marigold, mogra, hibiscus and other flowers of your choice. Decorate your thali by placing these petals according to your chosen design. You could also outline the design with green leaves preferably of mango or paan to complete the look. Once you are done with the decoration, place diya roli, chawal, rakhi and the ‘secret item’ on it. And your thali is ready!

If you want to add something extra to this already loud thali, drop in some pearls or gems peeking through the petals.


Floral Thali

6. Pulse Decoration Thali 

Decorate your Rakhi thali with different coloured pulses that can be easily taken from the kitchen. You may use yellow dal, white dal, green dal, black dal, wheat and rice to create a beautiful thali. All you need to do is decide your design and cover the thali as per your colour scheme. You can even paste pulses on the plate for a long term use and avoid disturbance. To paste the pulses without creating any mess, just mix glue with some water and using a large brush coat the surface with glue. You can now add pulses according to your design. We'd suggest using a small plucker to place them one by one for precision.

Once done, add all the required material on the thali in small earthen bowls. Place a rakhi and a diya to complete the look along with the ‘special item’.


Pooja Thali

7. Mehandi/ Intricate Thali Decoration 

This is one of the most difficult decoration ideas. But once completed, it would give the best appearance! To decorate your thali, all you need to do is draw intricate designs like the mehandi designs on your thali. The designs could be of a peacock, swastik, or a random pattern. You can use either oil paints and a thin ‘0’ brush to paint or a glitter tube with pointed ending to make beautiful patterns. You can even add mirrors, kundan or lace to decorate it even more while the glue is still wet. Once the glue dries, put all your ingredients into the thali along with the rakhi, sweets and the ‘secret gift’, and you are ready for the festival!


Mehandi Thali

8. Quill Thali Decoration

For this decoration technique, you’ll need a set of quilling strips. Roll them into different shapes and fix them on your plate to form beautiful 3D patterns. You can also add small sequins to your creations to make the design pop. But, be careful with the quills and avoid diyas if possible or keep it at the distance with the quills to avoid any fire.


Quill Thali


9. Dry Fruits Thali Decoration 

This is one of the easiest decoration ideas. To decorate a thali, you’ll need ‘kaju’, ‘badam’, ‘kishmish’, ‘pista’ or any other dry fruit you’d wanna use. Place the dry fruits in a pattern of your choice and use them to fill your drawing. Once done, add little bowls to hold roli, chawal, rakhi, sweets and the ‘secret gift’. And the best part about this decoration is that you can even eat your decoration while you wait for the ceremony to begin!


Dry Fruits Thali

10. Mirror Rakhi Thali Decoration 

We'd only suggest this idea if small kids aren't involved. Just as the name suggests, you'd need a mirror for this decorative idea. Take a mirror the size of your thali and paste it securely or get a plate with a mirror already installed in it. To hide the raw and open edges of the mirror add some lace or braid some roli threads to make a chain and glue that around the mirror. You can now decorate the thali with pearls, lace and multicolored gems. Make sure to place the diya in a heat proof container, to avoid heating up or cracking the mirror.



Reading about so many ideas must have geared up your creativity for amazing thali decoration. But, as it was said, the rakhi thali would be incomplete without a ‘secret item’. Are you wondering what that item is?

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Happy Raksha Bandhan!