Backflow Incense Cones - Box of 40 -

Backflow Incense Cones - Box of 40

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These incense cones when lit produce the smoke in reverse direction, i.e. top to bottom creating a beautiful waterfall smoke effect when combined with the right figurine (eg. waterfall incense burner). Each incense cone is dry and has a hole at the bottom, which acts as an outlet for the smoke. The incense cone comes in multiple mild fragrances to accompany your incense burner.

  • Box of 40 back flow incense cones (1 fragrance only)
  • Produces smoke in reverse direction, i.e., top to bottom
  • Works best with back-flow incense burners, try the waterfall incense burner
  • Available in various fragrances
  • Note that the fragrance is very mild in nature

Choose from a range of incense - Lavender, Rose, Aqua, Earthy, Jasmine, Tulips, Orange

Package includes:
1 x Box of Incense cones (40 cones)



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