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Ring Ice Tray

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Freezing proposal!

Category: Unique Gifts
Subcategory: Gifts for girlfriend

So it's that time in your relationship when your girlfriend is expecting you to propose to her and give her that diamond studded ring along a unique proposal, and you wonder how can I be any different? This Ring Ice tray is the perfect way to surprise your girlfriend, and give a ring that she will never forget. It might not last forever, the moment of magic is all she will need to remember the special occasion. Create endless rings with that can not only be worn, but also then used in her favorite ring. How cliche does the idea of putting a ring in champagne sound now?

  • Create ring shaped ice cubes
  • Propose in a way that's better than a real ring in a champagne
  • Prepare 6 rings in one go
  • Ice tray is made of silicone
  • Mould can be used for other baked desserts as well

Package Includes:
1 x Ring Ice Tray


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