8 Binge-worthy movies and shows to watch with your Friends!

8 Binge-worthy movies and shows to watch with your Friends 1

Oh! The midnight sneak ins, the road trips right before the sun’s rays fall on the pores of your skin, the chaii and sutta in the crisp winds, and the maggii and omelet, sitting on the roadside shop on that trip! How could any of those memories ever be as close to our hearts, if they didn’t have those sweet and spicy idiots that have become your family! Your friends, your lifelines, your people, make the word ‘friend’ come alive with so much more emotions that we ever thought it could. 

Well, there are a million ways we could make our people feel special and appreciated, but nothing compares to the most chill, Netflix and popcorn sessions lazing around with your serial-chillers! Eating ice-cream, surfing through the emotions of happiness, laughter, sadness and what not on your movie spree together!

As our friendship day gift  to you, we present the best way ever to celebrate your friendships! ‘The Best’ list of the movies and shows to binge-watch with your nerds.

So! Put on your snoozy pants, and call those partners in crime home, its time for a binge-marathon wearing our awesome Netflix and Chill Combo! *drumrolls*

1. The Ever-Magical HARRY POTTER!

For all of us fantasy and otherworld obsessed tribe, what could be better than to binge watch the ethereal Harry Potter riding the train of wonders from platform 9 ¾ to the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry! (Don’t be a muggle, drink that Butter Beer along, in our unique mugs!) Oh and oh, the official Harry Potter Collection here, at Bigsmall is on point! (We could always find super cool gifts for best friends along with our binge-sesh!)

8 Binge-worthy movies and shows to watch with your Friends 1
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2. The F.R.I.E.N.D.S Gang!

From the couch on Monica’s apartment to the chick and the duck, sprawl like Joey and Chandler binge-watching in their reclining chairs endlessly! Any and every episode does justice to all the essence, that is our celebration of Friendship’s Day. Our recommendation? The trivia contest where Monica and Rachel end up losing their apartment! And just like the epic Purple Door Keychain, don't forget to have a look at our cute keychains collection! (You never know, which one will steal your heart) *grins*

8 Binge-worthy movies and shows to watch with your Friends 2
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3. You cannot beat the classics: Sholay!

“Bohot yaarana lagta hai!” With the fight-love-fight bond of Jai and Viru, celebrate the ever classic, ever Gold Sholay and revive those childhood memories of shouting “Ye haath muje dede Thakur!” What could be more fun than that trip down nostalgic lane!

8 Binge-worthy movies and shows to watch with your Friends 3
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4. Wind in your hair and spark in your eyes with Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

From “Dost muje Majnu bulaate hai” to “Seize the day my friend” we all laughed out loud with the friendship of Arjun, Kabir, Imran and Laila and oh! The Tomatina Festival made us squirmy and literally rolling on the floor, laughing! This one is a mood! The friendship mood on! This friendship is as personal as the personalized gifts we have!

8 Binge-worthy movies and shows to watch with your Friends 4
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5. Go classic pranks with Sheldon’s Bazinga on The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon’s Bazinga is as quirky and relatable as they come! Being epic as it is, it cracks us up every-time! Could you ever tell when you started adoring his irritating and genius persona? We couldn’t! The bond of Sheldon and Leonard (yes, you could add Koothrappali and Wolowitz to the list too) is beyond just friendship, it’s family. So, go on! Swim though the mad yet brilliant friendship of these scientists! (And yes, the Engineer *Wolowitz eye rolls*) And make sure you check out our creative gifts which as as creative as Sheldon gifts himself!

8 Binge-worthy movies and shows to watch with your Friends 5
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6. The unlikeliest of friendships, with The Breakfast Club

Vibe with another one of the classics! When Allison says, "I don't have to run away and live in the street. I can run away and go to the ocean, I can go to the country, I can go to the mountains" we all felt her every word resonating within. It’s in hating to pretend with her “friends”, that Claire finds real friendship in detention with Allison, Andrew, Brian, John and Carl. And even though she's miserable, she is stylish and elegant just like our stylish jewellery collection! And yes, we do well up at the end. *sigh*

8 Binge-worthy movies and shows to watch with your Friends 6
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7. Finding genuine friendship at the workplace with Brooklyn Nine-Nine

With its epic inappropriate jokes, the never-ending sarcasm, the deadly humor and Jake (oh, Jake!), who couldn’t love this gem of a show! The endless pranks are funny as our funny gifts collection. (Oh, yes it is!) Tough like Rosa, fuzzy like Terry, sassy like Gina, lazy as Scully and Hitchcock, detail oriented like Amy, and the cutest Boyle, which ever one you connect with, you simply cannot shake them off! We couldn’t. And of course, Peralta and Holt are on a whole other level of funny! This one connects all threads of emotions seamlessly!

8 Binge-worthy movies and shows to watch with your Friends 7
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8. For all of us dog adorers, and our friendship with our selfless balls of love, Hachiko!

Fairly warning you beforehand, keep a tissue-box and ice-cream handy because, you ARE going to cry watching this one! Super heartwarming and touching the deepest cores of your being, Hachiko steals our hearts and we are not the same ever again! So, for the loving and crying snorting session, that leaves you so content, together with those family you chose, go see Hachiko! And do check out our adorable pet gifts collection as well! (You'll end up cheering yourself up, for sure!)

8 Binge-worthy movies and shows to watch with your Friends 8
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From the Sholay Filmy Coasters to the Friends Gift Set - 4 Pcs, Bigsmall knows how to celebrate friendship day with its epic friendship gifts! And you celebrate it, with us! Cheers! *clinks*

Happy Friendship Day!

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