8 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For your Guy or Girl

8 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For your Guy or Girl

“Roses are red, violets are blue. People love gifts, and so do you.”

These words are just perfect for the grand day when the whole air will be filled with heart-shaped bubbles bursting into the air and people roaming around embraced arms in arms. The month of the most filial feeling on the Earth is here. A day perfect for lovebirds to hang around displaying their love openly and for singles to yearn to mingle. Yes, Valentine’s Day is here. This is the day when people go gag over their beloved ones and spend thousands, if not lakhs, for watching movies, going out to drink or to party for very much the delight of their partners. But aren’t all of these transitory? Won’t you like to spend money on something that keeps reminding you both of each other and keeps the zeal alive for long? If the answer you shouted is “Yes”, then you know what we are talking about. Gifts!

If you are a person who has just fallen in love, or a lovebird with many years into a relationship, gifts are just indispensable for you. No wonder the kind of thrashing you will get at the hands of your own beloved if you go empty-handed to his/her place. So, be prepared this Valentine’s Day for giving the biggest surprise that you would have ever given to your sweetheart to date. And long-distance lovers, alert! Bigsmall can help you bridge all kinds of distances with some of the most unique valentines day gifts that can be delivered right at the doorstep of your loved one. So, have no excuses for skipping gifts.

1. Handcrafted Panda Shaped Rug

Panda Rug

If you think that your loved one can find something cuter than you, then you are right! Brace up for cuteness overload as you get a handcrafted panda shaped rug for the dearest one in your life. This adorable rug will adorn your beloved’s room and will add a different charm to the interior decor altogether. It will brighten up the room as much as it will brighten up your lover’s face. Super soft in texture and made from real sheep wool, this rug is set to be one of the best things that your lover would have hugged recently. The buck does not stop here. The gift can even serve as a superb housewarming gift, if not Valentine’s Day gift. Your beloved will hardly want to step over this cute panda and even when he/she does, it will send ripples of smiles all over the face and joy over the place. And as you unwrap this gift from Bigsmall, simply come closer to your lover, and whisper in his/her ears that his/her face is far cuter than the cutest gift you have just presented. Sounds romantic, right? Looking for more Panda gifts? Try the 3D Panda Mug...

2. Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp

Eiffel Tower Bottle Lamp

At times, it is not enough to just lighten up the face of your lover. The room may need some illumination too. And this is again where Bigsmall saves the day. You must have dreamt of taking your loved one on a world tour someday and visit the wonders of the world. But have you ever thought of bringing the wonders to her home? If not, then this is the time to get the Eiffel Tower teleported to your lover’s home and place it on her table. Bottle shaped Eiffel Tower Lamp are simply glass bottles which have LED lights fitted inside them. Give this gift to your lover who has filled your life with vibrancy and light of happiness. Show that person how much she matters to your life and how she dispels the darkness of gloom and stress every day by giving away this lamp to her. The lights run on USB and hence, the gift is quite portable. It is undoubtedly an amazing housewarming gift and can enhance the interior décor of your lover’s home so well, that your imagination will fail to foresee that. 25 centimeters high, these lights can help you arrange the best date right at your own place.

3. All Things Storage Organizer

All Things Storage Organizer

Girls! Do you have a boyfriend who though remembers his love and commitment to you, but keeps forgetting small things like bike keys, mobile phones, stationery, cosmetics etc.? The answer will most probably be a “Yes”! And if it is so, then we have good news for you. You can help your lover be the best at inventory management by giving this All Things Storage Organizer. On Valentine’s Day, boys may be quite busy grooming themselves for the best night of their life and not finding items at a place can lead to irritation. This organizer will be the one indispensable thing that your lover will fall in love with (no, you are not being replaced!) as it will eliminate all kinds of ranting and frustration of forgetting things. The various pockets and compartments will store your stuff easily and can help immensely if you are in a live-in relationship. This article removes havoc and brings order to your home. Made of cloth, this durable organizer can be hung anywhere and can store items in its 8 compartments. The gift is available in designs of doodle and stripes.

4. Beating Heart Wall Clock

Heart Wall Clock

Giving away a heart-shaped balloon to signify how much your heart yearns for your lover is quite cliché now. Valentine’s Day demands you to be proactive and creative. You need to make a move to get your heart’s message straight across the soul of your loved one. The beating heart wall clock is based on the illusions produced by Moire pattern and gives the impression of a beating heart as the hand's tick by. As you wake up by the side of your loved one the morning of Valentine’s Day, surprise him/her with a beating heart right before his/her eyes. A clock hung on the wall and beating (oh sorry, ticking) every second leads to an illusion that even heart is pounding at the same rate. The clock is supposed to signify the passage of life and to demonstrate that the bygone time on the clock can never return. So, it inspires people and lovebirds to make the most of the situation.

5. Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid Blanket

We are sure that you treat your girlfriend no less beautiful than a mermaid. If that is so, why not make her even look like so? Have you ever wondered how your girlfriends would look like if she was a mermaid? Bigsmall helps you to see that right before your eyes. Valentine’s Day is for making your loved one the most beautiful of all. And pampering must go beyond all limits to make her look the most gorgeous. This Valentine’s Day, get your girlfriend the ultimate gift of the year. The mermaid tail blanket will be a perfect gift for your winsome beloved as she will wrap herself up in this blanket and will become a mermaid of your choice. This yarn knitted blanket is quite warm and cozy, and they form the best companion during winters as you can slip into warmth anywhere, be it sofa, bed or couch. These are also perfect blankets for camping and if you are going to camp this Valentine’s Day, then you just cannot miss this unique gift at all. These are perfect sleeping bags for any occasion. Available in a variety of appealing colors, this is one of the best gifts for girls this Valentine’s Day.

6. Ring Ice Tray

 Ring Ice Tray

What if you had been the king of an icy realm where your queen would have lived with you surrounded by icicles and a world made of ice? Sounds fantastic, right? Well, though we don’t have such a land in reality, yet you can gift some magical things to your girlfriend using ice. This Valentine’s Day, get a ring made of ice for your girlfriend. Yes, you get it right! Ring made of ice! Get the ring ice tray for your beloved this season and surprise her with rings made of ice. Diamond rings for proposal are quite cliché with every other person frequenting the same diamond jewelry shops every Valentine’s Day. A ring made of ice is something your girlfriend will never forget. And no wonder that this ring will not last forever, and will have to be replaced by an actual ring; the prime motive is to create a special moment for your life which will be indelible in your memory forever. You can create endless rings with this ring ice tray. Caution! Don’t think of putting this ring in a bottle of champagne. It won’t work the way it is shown in movies. Simply take one ring, kneel down and wear the ring on your girlfriend’s tender fingers.

7. Beard Shaper

Beard Shaper

Why should boys have all the fun buying beautiful gifts for their girlfriends? Ladies can surprise men too. For all the ladies who are wondering how they can go creative this Valentine’s Day, here’s a surprise for you. You all want your man to look the most groomed and appear the best among your friend and peer circle. But what if you could contribute towards it? With this unique beard shaper, you can help your man get groomed the best way and look the most handsome in the crowd. This beard shaper helps to style the beard the way your man wants and helps him to get a new look every day. The shaper is basically a tool to control the razor while styling the beard. It has a comb to keep everything tidy and the shaper promises precision when it comes to the immaculate styling of beard. Cheek line and chin& neckline can all be groomed well through this. Made of PVC and available in a variety of beautiful colors, this beard shaper will help your man get the best curves for his beard. For all husbands, boyfriends, and heart-throbs, this beard shaper will be the best unusual gift that you can get easily from Bigsmall and will make your darling the talk of the town for sure.

Valentine’s Day is a day supposed to be full of surprises and Bigsmall can help you make it the most wonderful time of your life. Looking at the pleasantly surprised face of your beloved will be the most priceless sight you will ever have. For more, explore bigsmall for heart shaped gifts for your loved here as well.

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