Celebrating Single Moms This Mother's Day 2023

Celebrating Single Moms This Mother's Day 2023

Peng Liyuan said "A child's first teacher is its mother." No matter where she is from or what she does, a mother becomes a teacher for her child the moment s/he starts gaining any sense of the world. From mannerisms to even the language we speak, everything gets ingrained within us through our mother. Every mother in this world is precious. The sacrifices she makes, the grudges she chooses not to hold against her family, all that and so much more makes her one of the most selfless beings of all. A very significant quality of a mother is also in her strength. From the beginning of the 9 months itself, she excels at staying strong. There is one such mother who breaks numerous stereotypes of our world, beats all odds, showcases more strength than ever and teaches us the real strength a mom can hold - the single mother.

Is It Hard Being A Single Mother In India?

Our society has now grown and become more respectful of single mothers. However, that was not the case for a very long time. From being seen as outcasts to being treated as worthless, single moms everywhere have had to struggle in many more ways than usual. At a time when women were supposed to be taking care of their households while their husbands earned the bread and butter, many women had faced early widowhood and were put to the test. As any mother does, those mothers too did not take a step back and took care of their families. How do we know this? Look around, you will find so many grandmothers out there who would have a plethora of stories to tell you about the time when she fed her children by stitching from day to night; working in houses and garnering any money that she could, then returning home and cooking and still being just as loving and caring.

It does not take a genius to see the amount of strength - physical, mental and emotional - that must have been required for these mothers to fight all odds and raise responsible and happy children.

That is why we at bigsmall.in urge all of you to not forget the single moms on this 14th May, 2023 on Mother's Day. It is time that we appreciate all the single mothers out there, even the now-grandmas, for all the sacrifices they have made to ensure that their kids don't feel the lack of love and support in their family.

How To Make A Single Mom Feel Special?

If you are wondering about some ideas to celebrate single moms and make them feel special this year then we have got you. We have compiled a list of things that your hard-working single mother will love doing with you. And don't worry, if you are thinking, "what should I get my single mother on Mother's Day?" Then we have the answer for that as well. Just read ahead!

1. Special Breakfast In Bed


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We admit that our cereal bowls like the egg shaped bowl are super gorgeous and useful for single mothers who are always on the run to work but for mother's day your mom deserves a proper spread of her favourite food. Be it yummy paranthas or the piles of pancakes, cook your mum her most relished breakfast to start her day with a relaxed breakfast in bed prepared by her loving children! Slide in this creative mother's day pop-up card under her plate for her first surprise for the day too.

2. Make a Heartfelt Video

Any mother in this world would go teary eyed (understatement much?) when she sees the video her child has made just for her! Make a compilation of all your moments with her and add a personal message from you and your siblings appreciating all that she has done and does for you every day. A single mom who never gave up on her children is worthy of all the praises and love that she can get.

3. Treat Her To A Spa/Salon Day

Well, the pandemic may not actually allow much of a relaxing trip to the spa but who says you need to go out! Get out those extra towels kept for the guests who have not been coming since so long anyway, bring in the warm water, make all the home-made natural facial packs and give your mother a party of soothing massages with light music. Once you get done, don't forget to give her time to nap and de-stress with a comfy plush eye mask!

4. Indulge In Her Favourite Activities

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Be it playing ludo or antakshari, or watching some fun films she enjoys, do it with her. Your mom runs around the entire week playing the role of a father and a mother. It's time for you to pamper her and let her play the role of just who she is personally! Bring out the snacks and cold drinks and have fun with her doing what she loves. We know for sure that her entire happiness would be in the fact that her children are doing those things with her!

5. Make Her Favourite Drink and Let Her Have Me-Time!

Yes, throughout the day you have showered her with love and appreciation. Now it is time to give your single mom the one thing she hardly ever gets, time for herself. Fix her a drink, be it a fresh cocktail, mocktail or her favourite wine, serve it in a fun & quirky glass from our party glasses and lay out her most loved snacks, play her music and leave her alone! Let her have that fun time now. You can go and clean all the mess you made in the kitchen till then.

6. Perfect Gifts for Your Perfect Mother

For all those nights when she wanted to just give it all up because she was exhausted; for all the days when she was about to break, it is time to thank her for not giving up on herself and on you. We know it is not easy to look for a Mothers day gift online and that is why we have a few unique gift ideas for you here.
If your single mother is in desperate need of some regular escape to feel relaxed then consider gifting her one of our unique relaxation gifts.
There is always a precious stone for the most precious mom so shop for exquisite jewellery for mother's day because she is always busy buying luxury for her kids. Another perfect gift would be to gift creative lamps to a mom who gets in her bed and reads right before she sleeps but in dull light to avoid disturbing the night vibe. The mother who is trying to get everything done should have a night light for her night time routines.
With that, we know there are some tiring nights where she feels too exhausted to go and remove her make up and freshen up her skin. For such moments, gift her these amazing magic cotton pads for going to sleep without worrying about skin care routines.
If you want to splurge on the one person who probably deserves to be showered with all the love then you can also make a gift hamper out of these lovely gifts and add the special handmade mother's day chocolate for her with it. You can also consider gifting her a Bigsmall curated Mother's Day Gift Hamper and end this special day on a special note.

So much yet not enough to thank the inspiring single mothers out there. That is why, don't miss the chance to pamper her and shower her with the love she deserves and needs.
This Mother's Day 2023 also be loving and caring towards the single new moms who probably need a lot more support than they show or can ask for. Their journey into motherhood has just begun and you as friends or family should be there to cheer them on! Buy a gift for the new mom on Mother's Day as she begins the first of many more to come from this perfect list of 10 gifts a new mom would actually appreciate.

You can go ahead and explore more new gift ideas for your mom and choose the best of the best for the world's greatest mother of all time from our Mother's Day Gifts collection. She may be a single mother but it is time you let her know that she never let you feel that anything was missing and that is why, you will not let anything be missing for her either!

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