Importance of Siblings Day in India

Importance of Siblings Day in India

In a country like India where occasions like Rakshabandhan and Bhai Dooj are celebrated a day like Siblings Day might get neglected. However, it is still important to mark this day and book it to spend time with your sibling(s) because this is the day when you get to spend time minus the festive functions and do fun & funny things which will only be fun when you are with your siblings!

Why wait till August to shower your Endgame crazy sister with some Official Avengers Merchandise or appreciate your brother for his solid sports achievements with creative gifts for sports lovers? Exactly! You don't need to wait! But first let's see how this day even came to be!

Who Started Siblings Day?

Losing a sibling can be devastating. The grief of losing two is unfathomable. Claudia Evart commenced the celebration of Siblings Day in 1995 after going through a personal mishap like this when she lost her brother and her sister. She chose 10th April, her late sister's birthday, as the day to annually remember her siblings and that came to be known as Siblings Day in the U.S. and Europe. Losing someone makes us value them more and that feeling probably inspired and pushed Claudia to do this in memory of her siblings.

When Is Siblings Day 2021?

If you are someone who has an annoying, loving, fun or any other type of sibling then you should definitely celebrate your bond on 10th April 2021 this year and remind each other of the significance of such a bond. Remember, it is siblings day, which means you get to celebrate with your cousins as well!

What Different Things Can Be Done On Siblings Day?

Chuck the usual movie binging together. It is time to do some things which you can only do with your sibling! Here are some ideas to celebrate Siblings Day:

1. Get Nostalgic Together!

Why not go down memory lane and re-tell those stories which embarrassed you? The time when you peed your pants or the time when you broke your mom's favourite vase? Relive the best moments of your family together! Bring out those artsy photo frames and remind each other of those beautiful times!

2. Go Back To The Same Places You Visited

Remember the time when you went to that park near your house every day together? The shopping mall where your parents just couldn't stop taking you and that made you hate it eventually? Visit all these places again which you stopped visiting together because life! This time shop for quirky bluetooth speakers online from our creative gadgets collection before heading to that park so that you can play some songs and relax together while remembering those good old days!

3. Cook The Best Childhood Meal You Guys Had Together

Yes. It can seem silly to cook especially if none of you can but that will make it more fun! Imagine cooking that curry you loved eating and used to go to bed so full that you felt you'd die! See if you can bring that flavour or not. If not then at least you will have a superhero apron completely dirty to mark the day you at least tried! Some years down the line this will be another great moments you will miss.

4. Play The Games You Used To Play Together As Kids

Badminton in the society garden? Ludo? Hide & Seek? Cards? Whatever it was. You have gotten busy with your lives and cool friends, just this one day revisit those days when defeating your sibling at chess or monopoly was your ultimate life goal! This time maybe level up and play Game of Thrones Monopoly and see who is better at the game and also at remembering the show!

5. Prank Each Other

Maybe you can celebrate by honouring the fun and funny moments you two have shared and continue to share! How about waking your brother in the middle of the night with a scary mask? Or calling out to your sister while you're in the washroom and then handing her fake poop? It is time to make embarrass your sibling and then scream out saying "Bura Na Maano, Siblings Day Hai!" Don't worry, you don't have to run around trying to get the props. We have got the products right here where you can buy funny gifts online and run your prankster mind!

Like we said, Siblings Day is significant and the bond you two share, no matter what kind, it is essential to celebrate it even when there are no functions or religious elements to it. Though if you do want to celebrate straight in August then you can start now by exploring the amazing and creative Rakhi gifts collection at and plan ahead for the best Rakhi celebration in 2021.

We are here to help you shop for unique and quirky gifts online even when it is for your brother or sister. We have got you covered for every occasion. So start now! And don't forget our cherry on top handwritten notes for an out-of-the-box gift you choose because we know you want your message to be delivered with your gifts!

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