Farewell Gifts for Teachers

"It is the supreme art of the teacher, to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." Your teacher has been a supreme practitioner of this art, imbibing their banks of wisdom into the next generation. It's time to thank them for their invaluable help in shaping you as a person - with a unique Farewell Gift for Teachers.

Teaching is a profession like none. Teachers are not just at school, or at college - whoever teaches you something, is a teacher indeed. Imparting knowledge is another thing, imparting wisdom is another. Although you might have disagreed with their methods time and time again, their focus has always been towards putting the best foot forward for imbibing wisdom to you. Thank them for their time, effort and dedication with creative gifts - just how they've brought the best out of creative expression from you. 

Much like the priceless wisdom they've gifted you, the going away gifts for teachers you give them have to be priceless. It has to be something from the heart, something meaningful, which will have them remember you fondly. Maybe the Thinking Man Clock could be a worthy gift - to keep them company on their wall, as they crunch their grey matter to design a tasking assignment for their next set of students. They do spend innumerable hours at their desk, and even for the most superhuman of teachers, it could get tiring. How about a Foot Hammock to keep them comfortable company?

Of course, the teacher-student relationship is also a love-hate relationship at a level. There is perhaps nothing more satisfying for a student, than pulling a successful prank over their master. How about some funny gifts online for you to show that you can be their master, too?

Farewell Gift Ideas

All's well that ends well. It's imperative to end relationships on a positive note, and there is perhaps no better way to cap off a relationship than do so with a unique farewell gift. Instead of mourning that it's over, celebrate that it happened. Coming up with Farewell Gift Ideas is often hard, but Bigsmall.in have curated a special collection for you to convey your last messages.

The completion of school marks one of the most important landmarks in one's life. It marks the phase where the caterpillar breaks into a butterfly, with wings ready to fly and take on the world. Mark it with a farewell gift for school, for the teachers who have fuelled you in this phase of life, as well as your friends who have kept you sane. Perhaps a sunglasses 3D Emoji Mug could tell them just how cool they were.

Preschool teachers, too, have an important role in a child's development - they oversee the period where the cocoon breaks into a caterpillar, and the child takes his first steps in the world. Thank them with unique goodbye gifts for preschool teachers. They sit on their desks for hours on end, so something like a J-Neck Pillow could make their toiling hours comfortable. 

It's always extremely hard to say goodbye, but you can soften the blow with creative moving away gifts. Moving away is never something someone looks forward to. As you bid adieu to your neighbors, send farewell gifts for neighbors and let them know that you've indeed loved thy neighbor. You're not there anymore, so there's obviously a void in their lives - but is there any void something as incredible as the Levitating Moon Lamp can't fill?

You spent most of your day in your office, curled up on your desk. Your acquaintances were the people you spent a majority of your time with, and your seniors were the people you learnt the most from. Cap off your professional relationships with office farewell gifts and our curation of farewell gifts for seniors.

Farewell Gift for Friends

There's seldom harder things than bidding farewell to your friends - the people who've truly been there for you during thick and thin. But all good things do come to an end. Looking for goodbye gifts for friends? Bigsmall.in have unique farewell gifts for all kinds of friends - as quirky as they may come, according to their interests.

Looking for gifts for Minion Lovers? They live Minions, sleep Minions, now have them drink Minions with the Minion Thermos Bottle. Or is it gift ideas for Batman lovers you seek? Check out our collection of unique and quirky Batman merchandise. Regardless of their likes, Bigsmall has something unique for everyone - gifts so good they almost won't seem like last minute gifts.

Unique Gift Store in India

The online gifting market is a sea of endless boring gifts - gifts that have no creativity or thought behind them. But in recent vogue are unique gift stores, with out-of-the-box gift ideas. It's hard to search for quirky gifts online, especially in India, but not anymore - with options like Bigsmall.in providing a hassle-free option to send gifts to India. Be it unique gifts, creative gifts, funny gifts you're looking for, Bigsmall has a wide catalogue for a large range of interests.

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