Top 30 Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife

Top 30 Birthday Gift Ideas for Wife

Be it the struggle to buy birthday gift for wife who has everything or the dearth of unique birthday gifts online which makes you go with the same old flowers-chocolate-dinner route, we know finding the perfect birthday gift for the perfect wife is extremely hard. That is why we are here to help you find creative birthday gifts for wife online easily and ace at making her happy this year.

Before we start the list of some cool birthday gifts for your wife, let's get something basic out of the way which will help you choose the right gift from our compilation of gifts too.

What is the best birthday gift for wife?

The best birthday gift for your wife would be something which has three things- a sentimental value, a useful aspect for her and something that she would love to have but would not buy for herself for her own reasons.

What to gift the wife who wants nothing?

Again, something of a sentimental value and which would have a use but she never thought of it herself. Something that she didn't know she needed or wanted.

What is a gift with sentimental value?

It need not necessarily mean that it has to be something handmade by you, though if you do like that then you should consider some handmade birthday gift ideas for your wife's birthday. Apart from that, a gift which will hold more emotional value would be something that was given after giving much thought. You gift your wife a keychain of her favourite show character or get her a gift to relax from time to time then it shows that you care and remember the smallest of things about her. Any gift which is bought out of more thought, which will hold more value for the receiver as well, is a better and perfect birthday gift as compared to generic gifts which are just beautiful.

We are sure that now you are well prepared to get an awesome gift for your wife's birthday. We have compiled a list of 30 gifts for you to consider gifting your wife because these are unique, creative and useful gifts!

1. Unspillable Thermal Suction Bottle

 Is your wife clumsy and gets irritated every time she knocks over her bottle of water? Well, we have a solution. This absolutely cool & useful bottle comes with a suction pad at the bottom which makes it pretty hard to knock over! The age of cool water bottles is here and we are sure your wife will love taking this to work or keeping it by her side while she works from home.

2. Personalized Temperature Flask Bottle

Personalized gifts are so much better than the usual ones! A flask which is a style statement in itself, would just be perfect for dear wifey! And it's super easy to carry and is oh-so-sleek! Yes. It is definitely the OG flask for your daily use. Be it carrying a flask filled with tea or coffee, or ice tea, her drink would taste even better in this statement piece. The bottle is made of stainless steel, inside and out with your name engraved on it, ever so delicately. The lid shows the temperature on a tap. It's a temperature one touch display. What's more, you can personalize her name on it. The perfect simple & stylish sleek bottle for better half's daily use!

3. Panda Aromatherapy Night Lamp

Does your wife need some dim lighting and a fragrant atmosphere to relax in after she gets done with all the work? Well, our unique lights & lamps collection has the right light which can also be used as an air diffuser. So, just add in the essential oils in this adorable night lamp and see the magic spread across the room.

4. Love for Yoga Notebook

For the wife that is on top of everything she does and still manages to take out time to indulge in her daily yoga routine for fitness, there need to be quirky notebooks for her to write everything she needs to remember or make a note of. Be it her meal plans or weekly plans, this notebook is perfect for the dedicated fitness nut in your home!

5. Portable Makeup Mirror with LED Lamp & Mini Fan

This gift is just extremely cute and your wife will love how useful it is! If your wife is the queen of make up tutorials or is just the regular woman taking care of her skin and rocking every outfit wherever she goes, then you have to dive in this creative beauty queen gifts range and get her this portable mirror which comes with a light and mini fan! Too dull, can't see your eye liner? We have light! Too hot, can't breathe? We have a mini fan!

6. Mia Semi-Precious Heart Earring Studs

We know you have showered her with exquisite jewellery from time to time but how about getting her something not gold but beautiful natural gemstones set in sterling silver? These earrings shout elegance and are one of our loved premium gifts online.

7. Expressions Cookie Holder Mug

Your wife probably runs around doing chores as and when they pop and hence hardly gets time to sit back and have her morning tea or coffee with biscuits. Get her this mug from our super fun coffee mugs range which she can carry around doing her work with a cookie as well!

8. Official Wonder Woman Wallet

The Wonder Woman of your life deserves the Wonder Woman wallet. From our peppy bags & wallets we bring this simply stylish one which comes with the superhero Wonder Woman theme which your wife deserves as she manages all the finances and still manages to shop and stay trendy too!

9. Rattan Wine Rack

Not only is this rack unique & useful, but it also adds a different kind of aesthetic to any room! One of the basic yet elegant home & lifestyle items that we have for you, this wine rack will become your wife's favourite spot in the day to go to with all her classy wine bottles stacked perfectly.

10. DIY Adventure Ship Desk Calender

When you look for creatively designed daily use items, you don't usually get as awesome products as we have. Your wife keeps track of all the important dates so it is time to gift her a calendar which is as cool as going on a sea voyage together. The best part is that it is from our artistic DIY gifts collection which will make it quite fun to assemble too!

11. Save Our Seas Tote Bag

When you set out to buy eco-friendly gifts online for your environment conscious wife you can get a bit lost. While there are many products which we have mentioned in this blog as well which are made from eco-friendly materials, this tote bag in particular is the best because your wife can grocery shop with this and also carry her essentials in this while visiting friends or family.

12. Wooden Vintage Pencil Set

Have you seen your wife hoard aesthetic stationery products from time to time? Or is your wife an artist who likes sketching with a vintage edge? Whichever it may be, these vintage pencils will definitely make your vintage stationery loving wife quite excited!

13. Teddy Canvas Organizer

We are sure that there is a high chance that out of the two of you, your wife is the more organized one and is always scrolling through innovative storage organizers online to find a modern fit for her home. However, there is a high chance that the same leading lady of your life struggles to sort out things in her own drawer. This canvas organizer can be fit right into her drawer and sort out all her jewellery, hair ties and what not!

14. Wine Time Wooden Coasters

We know. We know it is important to use coasters but we all forget! If your wife is the one between you two who is the constant reminder of using the quirky coasters at your home then this is the ideal small birthday gift for wife right here! Be it while having her wine with friends or even the whiskey on the rocks, these coasters will be the perfect useful addition to the party!

15. Golden Cocktail Glasses

If you are gifting your wife the quirky coasters then it only makes sense to pair it up with some pretty assorted glasses from our elegant drinkware collection so that she can flaunt the high class drink, the elegant glass and the cool coaster, all at once in all gatherings!

16. Superhero Ceramic Bobblehead

High-quality ceramic, absolutely cute and definitely one of the must have gifts for superhero fans! This bobblehead is a great car accessory for your wife who bashes all stereotypes and is an excellent driver. Gift her a couple of these funky bobbleheads and bring out her Marvel or DC loving side while she drives.

17. Grow It Yourself Kit

One with nature since you know her? Does your wife also keeps wishing she had plants in her home which were not just for oxygen but also for some produce? Well, the GIY kit from our extensive creative gifts collection is the perfect gift for her! Start exploring right away for your wife to plant some awesome greens during this pandemic and feel a bit cheered up.

18. Camera Lens Coffee Mug with Lid

The camera is the one your wife is more dedicated to? Well, even though it might annoy you at times, we are sure that her passion for photography is something you admire too. A useful mug which is perfect for on the go use and the ideal unique gift for photographers.

19. Kitty Water Proof Travel Organizer

Are you and your wife each other's perfect travel partners who travel all the time (when they can)? Or is your wife a sorted solo traveller taking time out to do some solo trips? Either way, we know travelling light is important but so is travelling in an organized manner. So buy these travel essentials which are waterproof bags that will help you easily carry everything wherever you go!

20. Travel The World Earrings

For the traveller wife we thought we should also add these cute earrings which will go perfectly with a casual outfit as well as an elegant look for parties. She cannot travel the world all the time but she can have pretty jewellery to make her feel she can!

21. Funny Gift Set For Her

If your wife is the lame and hilarious type who makes you laugh more than you can make her laugh then she deserves to get a birthday gift set just to show her how awesome and funny she is! Funny gifts online might be usually for pranksters but these are for goofy and fun women like your wife!

22. Hot & Cold Towel

After her yoga, your wife needs a cool down. While water is important, so is the need for a towel that does not get damp and actually helps beat the sweat. This excellent towel just needs sprinkles of your preferred temperature water and then instantly takes up that temperature and acts as either a hot or a cold towel! Be it post workout or a backache that requires some instant hot towel dabs, this is one of the best gifts for women online!

23. Reindeer Lamp

If your wife always keeps her corner aesthetically pleasing then this beautiful home decor gift is going to make her feel thrilled. The cute design and the perfect warm lights make it a great addition to your wife's own artsy space at home.

24. Reusable Floral Cotton Printed Masks

Amidst the rise of the coronavirus, we all need to take double precautions to stay safe and healthy. We know how much you want to protect your wife from any danger and that is why we feel that if your wife is getting lovely gifts for her birthday, she should also be gifted with these essential face masks to go with her outfits as she likes, so that she stays stylish but more importantly, safe.

25. Harry Potter Pocket Watch Keychain

Right from the Official Harry Potter Merchandise, this pocket watch keychain is going to make your wife go gaga if she is a Harry Potter fan and loves vintage and also likes quirky keychains. See the time, keep the house or car safe. Useful gift? Double yes!

26. Unicorn Plush Cushion

With work from home becoming a thing again now, we are sure your wife is struggling with her stiff back and feeling uncomfortable. It is time to help ease her pain and provide comfort with these comfy cushions from our cute unicorn themed gifts. We are sure she will sit more comfortably now and thank you with a sigh of relief.

27. Wooden Elly Desktop Organizer

Gone are the days when pen stands were basic and just held stationery items, this adorable and useful desk organizer actually is one of the cool mobile accessories as well because the elephant cutely holds your phone too. So now when your wife works on her desk but needs to attend a quick meeting or watch a work video, Elly will hold her phone for her.

28. Dance Poster with Frame

Did you fall in love with your wife as you saw her dance, completely carefree? If your wife does not leave any beat to groove to, be it night or day, then it is high time that you got her this frame for her cool posters wall because the dancer in her needs to be acknowledged now!

29. Wooden Photo Frame with Holder

Which birthday gifts list would ever be complete if there are no creative photo frames mentioned? This particular one actually beats a lot of them in the race because not only is it pretty, but it also revolves and comes with a holder for either your pens and pencils or for flowers as well! Your wife will keep wondering how you got such amazing gifts and from where! (don't forget to mention us then)

30. Doggo Plush Slippers

Are you looking for birthday gifts for wife who is a dog lover? Well, then how about this one which has the cuteness of doggos and the ease of comfy plush slippers? Now your wife will feel like walking around the house all the time in these soft slippers which will help her stay relaxed.

If you want to make your own hamper of gifts then choose different small gifts for your wife's birthday and make a gift set just for her! You can also include a fun pop-up birthday card with it! And don't forget to add the special Happy Birthday Handmade Chocolate to the gift(s) you plan to give your precious wife on her birthday because she deserves everything special! We hope you are safe and healthy and have a fun birthday celebration at home.

Stay safe & keep shopping!

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