Shouting Vase

Shouting Vase

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No More Anger Management Lessons

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We all have rough days. You know, those days where plans fall apart, things go wrong and basically, nothing goes your way? By the end of the day, all you'd want to do is tear your hair out...or maybe even break something. Well, we have an answer to wipe your frustration away- a  Shouting Vase! Scream away your anger and stress as loudly as you can into this unique vase. It'll take it all in for you, without disturbing your roommates or next door neighbours. Any screaming or shrieking will just turn into a slight, muffled whisper. 

  • Japanese vase to vent out
  • Muffles loud sound
  • Shout inside the vase
  • Stress Reliever
  • Material: Plastic

Package Includes: 
1 x Shouting Vase



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