Ugears Differential Mechanical Model

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Physics meets style in this Ugears Differential Mechanical Model which brings the car transmission system to life for your STEM learning experience. Without wasting time, let us get into some FAQs about this fantastic product for you to know more about it!

Q1. How is the Ugears Differential Mechanical Model different from other puzzle sets?

After significant upgradations by Ferdinand Porsche in the car differential model in the 1930s, the differential has become the part which improves the performance of a car by being a huge part of the car transmission mechanism. The Ugears Differential Mechanical Model brings together modernity and education with its Augmented Reality (AR) experience using the Ugears app. Along with that the Pocket Model’s Study Guide brings in the understanding of the creation story of the Differential while engaging you in interesting tasks.

Q2. What is the principle behind its working?

The Differential is a creative educational model designed in such a way that it ensures that the drive wheels placed on the same axle rotate on differing rates and cover different distances at the same time. This is the mechanism which prevents the car from skidding, from experiencing wheel-slips, reduces tyre wear while taking turns, and makes entering and exiting turns easier for the driver. Having assembled the Differential, you can unblock it by pushing the lever in position 1 (Up) and by rotating the drive gear or the wheel you can set both wheels in motion. The Control lever independently regulates the easy locking of the left and right wheels by turning left or right respectively. In the “down” position of the lever, both wheels are linked in a rigourous coupling and can either rotate together (propelled by the drive gear or a wheel) or lock simultaneously (by the lever of the wheel).

Q3. For which age group is the puzzle suited?

Due to the small parts of the puzzle, it is not suitable for children under the age of 8 or anyone who finds pleasure in gobbling up puzzle pieces for fun!

Q4. What is the time required for assembling the Ugears Differential Mechanical Model?

The estimated time of assembly is 1 to 2 hours.

Q5. What are the included number of components in the package and what all is needed to assemble the finished piece?

The number of components in the box is 163. The Ugears Differential Mechanical Model is made of high-quality plywood which is durable and sturdy rubber. The assembly process is smooth with just slight pushes required to pull out the wooden pieces for assembling. The box comes with an instruction manual which is easy to follow.

Q6. What are the dimensions of the finished product and those of the package itself?

The model size is 6.9*5.3*4.1 in (17.5x13.5x10.5 cm) and the package size is 8.0*7.3*2.4 in (20.4*18.5*6.1 cm).

Q7. Do we require glue or any other chemical for assembling the Ugears Differential Mechanical Model?

No, the details are already cut and ready to assemble without glue & chemicals.

Country of origin: Ukraine

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